Several flights in Huangshan Airport were interfer

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Several flights in Huangshan Airport were interfered by the "black flight" UAV

"report to the tower, and UAV activity was found on the left side of the aircraft."

at 21:31 on September 26, a flight from Huangshan Airport to Taipei encountered a drone during takeoff. After receiving the report, Huangshan Airport immediately launched the UAV interference disposal plan, but fortunately, it did not cause a significant impact in the end

on that night, seven flights reported encountering drones in succession, and flights ca1552, jd5670, gt1004 and fm9268 were forced to change their departure mode when taking off. They took off in the opposite direction to avoid the impact and then released

in recent years, Huangshan Airport has been interfered by "black flight" for many times, and aviation safety has been seriously threatened

at present, unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used in agriculture, plant protection, disaster relief and other work. "What people often say about drones is actually more like aviation models." The person in charge of the municipal non Commission Office said

due to the low threshold of operation technology, this small UAV is particularly easy to buy in the market. A large number of "rookie" flying enthusiasts swarmed in, especially many photography enthusiasts used it as an aerial photography tool. Nowadays, drones have appeared frequently in all kinds of activities

"I bought it last year, 5000 yuan, mainly for taking pictures of the scenery." Photography enthusiast Yu Jun said. He said that unmanned aerial vehicles with a price of less than 10000 yuan have become standard equipment for many photographers around him

although Chinese chemical enterprises continue to develop rapidly and expand chemical industry bases and chemical parks, some operators lack legal awareness and safety awareness. In recent years, accidents such as falling and injuring people and affecting aviation safety have occurred from time to time due to UAV operation errors. "A certain area around the airport is a clearance protection zone, which is strictly prohibited for any aircraft to intrude without permission. However, in the past two years, drone intrusion events have become increasingly frequent, seriously affecting the aviation safety of the airport." Huangshan Airport official said

in order to strengthen the management of unmanned aerial vehicles, in recent years, the state has successively issued relevant regulations. For example, in June 2017, the state issued the regulations on the registration and management of civil unmanned aerial vehicles under real name system, which stipulates that the real name system is required for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. However, there are still difficulties in the specific operation and management

on the one hand, due to the convenient way of purchase, if it is expected to maintain rapid growth in the second half of the year, it is difficult to understand the sales of UAVs without starting from the source. "Who bought it?" Become a difficult problem for the management department. "Since 2017, the use of zhengal has gradually expanded, and the drones produced by regular manufacturers have basically set up electronic fences, which can actually make technical restrictions on the flight range of drones and control the phenomenon of 'black flight'. However, some small UAVs or aircraft models have taken the low-end route and achieved outstanding results in the industrialization of scientific and technological innovation. The cost is low, and there is no electronic fence." Yu Jun said

on the other hand, as a kind of aircraft, at present, the management unit of UAV is mainly the air traffic control department, and there is no clear definition of the local leading competent department, which makes the management of UAV a difficult problem

"at present, many places are equipped with professional UAV capture equipment to shoot down drones that fly in violation of regulations, but this kind of equipment has not been equipped in our city. In addition, our city can improve the management of drones from the institutional level only by introducing the management measures of drones as soon as possible. At the same time, we should cooperate with publicity to further improve the people's understanding of 'black flying' behavior." Huangshan Airport official said

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