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Several factors that should be paid attention to when grinding the gold circular saw blade

1. The quality of coolant grinding depends on the grinding fluid. During grinding, a large amount of tungsten and diamond grinding wheel powder are produced. If the tool surface is not washed in time and the pores of the grinding wheel are not cleaned, the surface grinding tool cannot be ground to a smooth finish, and the alloy will be burned without sufficient cooling

2. Influence of gear grinding mechanism on gear grinding. The grinding quality of the alloy circular saw blade depends on the structure and assembly of the model. At present, there are about two types of models in the market: one is the German fulmo type. This type adopts vertical grinding pin, which has the advantages of hydraulic stepless movement, V-shaped guide rail and ball screw for all feeding systems, slow feed of the grinding head or boom, rapid retreat of the knife, adjustment center of the clamping cylinder, flexible and reliable support, accurate positioning of tooth extraction, firm positioning center of the saw blade, automatic centering, arbitrary angle adjustment, reasonable cooling and flushing, realization of man-machine interface, high grinding pin accuracy, and reasonable design of the pure grinder; The second type is the current horizontal type, such as Taiwan and Japan models. The mechanical transmission has poor gear and mechanical clearance, dovetail sliding accuracy, low clamping stability, difficult to adjust the support center, poor tooth extraction mechanism or reliability, and the two sides of the plane and the left and right rear corners are not ground in one center, resulting in large deviation, difficult angle control, and large mechanical wear, which is difficult to ensure accuracy

3. Welding factors. When welding, the alloy alignment deviation is large, which affects the grinding accuracy of GB 50166 (9) 2 code for construction and acceptance of automatic fire alarm system, resulting in large pressure on one side of the grinding head and small pressure on the other side, and the rear angle also produces the above factors. The welding angle to avoid personnel errors, human unavoidable factors, all have an unavoidable impact on the grinding wheel and other factors during grinding

4. Influence of grinding wheel quality and particle size width. When selecting the grinding wheel to grind the alloy sheet, pay attention to the grain size of the grinding wheel. If the grain is too coarse, the grinding wheel will produce the trace of the grinding wheel. If the grain size of the grinding wheel is fine, it is easy to block, the grinding amount is small, and it is easy to burn the knife. The diameter and width and thickness of the grinding wheel are determined by the length and width of the alloy or the conditions of different tooth shapes and various surfaces of the alloy. It is not possible to grind different tooth shapes arbitrarily with the same specifications of a back angle or front angle grinding wheel. It must be targeted to select the grinding wheel with suitable specifications

5. Feed speed of grinding head. The grinding quality of the alloy saw blade depends entirely on the feed speed of the grinding head. Generally, the feed speed of the alloy circular saw blade cannot exceed this value when it is 0.5 to 6 mm/s That is, it should be within 20 teeth per minute. If the feed speed exceeds 20 teeth per minute, it will produce serious knife tumor or burn alloy, and the grinding wheel will produce convex and concave surfaces, which will affect the grinding accuracy and waste the grinding wheel

6. The feed rate of grinding head and the selection of grinding wheel granularity are of great significance to the feed rate. Generally, it is recommended to select 180 # to 240 # for grinding wheel, and select 240 # to 280 # for extreme amount, but not 280 # to 320 # for grinding wheel, otherwise the feed speed should be adjusted

7. Grinding center. The grinding of all saw blades should be centered on the matrix rather than the knife edge. The plane grinding center cannot be taken out, and the machining center for the rear corner and front corner cannot be used to grind a saw blade well. The saw blade center of grinding three processes cannot be ignored. When grinding the side angle, carefully observe the alloy thickness, and the grinding center will change with different thickness. No matter what the alloy thickness is, the center line of the grinding wheel should be kept in a straight line with the welding position when grinding the surface. Otherwise, the accumulated experience of the designer will produce an angle difference, which will affect the cutting

8. Gear pulling mechanism cannot be ignored. No matter how the structure of any gear grinding machine is, the accuracy design of the tooth extraction coordinate is designed to the quality of the grinding tool. When adjusting the machine, the tooth extraction needle is pressed at the reasonable position of the tooth surface, and it is also extremely critical not to move. When withdrawing the teeth, the tooth extraction claw should be flexible and reliable

9. Clamping mechanism: the clamping mechanism is firm, stable and reliable, which is the main part of the quality of sharpening. The clamping mechanism must not be loosened at all during sharpening, otherwise the gear grinding deviation is seriously out of control

10. Grinding stroke. Regardless of grinding any part of the saw blade, the grinding stroke of the grinding head is very important. Generally, it is appropriate for the grinding wheel to exceed the workpiece by 1mm or withdraw by 1mm. Otherwise, it is used to produce two cutting edges on the tooth surface of PP vertical coffee capsules in the U.S. market

11. Program selection: generally, there are three different program choices for sharpening knife: coarse, fine and grinding, which are selected according to the requirements of the product. Finally, it is recommended to use the fine grinding program when grinding the rake angle

12. Large matrix deformation, inconsistent thickness and large inner hole tolerance. When the above-mentioned congenital defects of the matrix have problems, no matter what kind of shape equipment is used, there are grinding errors. The large deformation of the matrix has deviation on the two side angles; The inconsistent thickness of the substrate will cause deviation to the back angle and the front edge angle. If the cumulative tolerance is too large, the quality and accuracy of the saw blade will be seriously affected

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