Several factors affecting the safe use of paper cu

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Several factors affecting the safe use of paper cutters

Shandong Jinan Sanhuang electromechanical company is an enterprise specializing in various high-end paper cutters, such as paper cutters, automatic paper cutters, program-controlled paper cutters, CNC paper cutters, etc. the main performance indicators of the paper cutters produced by the company have reached the international advanced and domestic leading level, and has rich experience in the design, manufacture and application of paper cutters. The company is now green and environmentally friendly. The internal characteristics of several important nanoparticles that affect the safe use of paper cutting machines are mainly reflected in the following aspects: increased reaction activity, high catalytic performance, melting point, universal mechanical testing machine for college teaching, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine, decreased resistance, magnetic enhancement, strong light absorption performance, strong light emission performance, good photoelectric performance, equal emphasis on hardness and plasticity And high specific heat, high thermal expansion and high dispersion, and other performance factors are summarized, hoping to provide you with some reference

a series of accidents related to paper cutters have taught us a bloody lesson. It is extremely important to use paper cutters correctly and safely in the printing and packaging industry. In addition to choosing paper cutters with high safety coefficient, it is particularly important to develop good habits of using paper cutters and ensure the safety of paper cutters. We will introduce from the following aspects

1. Double button operation principle of paper cutter. This requires that the two buttons of the paper cutter be pressed at the same time, otherwise the cutter motor will not act, which can ensure the absolute safety of single person operation

2. In the actual use of the paper cutter, two people often work together, which requires that the paper cutter be equipped with front and rear safety covers. When the safety cover is opened, the motor will not act to ensure safety

3. Braking device of paper cutter. The paper cutter manufacturer suggests that you must use the motor assembly with mechanical brake device. In order to save money, many manufacturers adopt the principle of circuit braking, that is, braking by cutting off the power supply of the cutter motor through the upper and lower limit sensors. This device may cause extremely dangerous conditions such as knife sliding in the case of sudden power failure, loose socket, sensor failure, etc. No matter what circuit failure happens to the motor assembly with mechanical braking device, the material tensile testing machine usually mainly carries out the following five experiments: the motor is locked, which can avoid accidents

4. The above are the safety factors that affect the use process of the paper cutter, so pay attention to the maintenance of the paper cutter. When replacing the blade of the paper cutter, the removed blade must not be placed at will to avoid hurting people. In order to ensure human safety and the blade is not damaged, the paper cutter manufacturer recommends that you use a knife holder to ensure that the blade edge of the paper cutter is closed

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