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Looking back on 2017: what kind of answer did the VR industry give

time passes like a white horse, suddenly. Standing on the wind in 2018, you can still feel the residual temperature of the VR industry in 2017. 2017 is the year of the outbreak of the VR industry and the turning point of the rapid development of the VR industry. With the continuous updating and iteration of VR products and the increasing enrichment of video content and game content, users' immersion and experience are also gradually improving. Under this background, VR products have quickly entered the education, culture, games, tourism and other industries. What kind of answer paper has it submitted in the field of calculating hardness value with the measured residual indentation depth increment (E)

education industry: cultivate interest in vertical development

as we all know, China's current education model is still cramming, boring and abstract concepts, which makes many children have difficulties, pain and depression in learning. Teachers' worries and parents' worries will virtually increase children's learning pressure, so that in the end, children will doubt their ability and IQ, and even label themselves as "not school material"

the emergence of "vr+ education" mode, like a bright light in the sea of learning difficulties, makes many children begin to feel the fun of learning, and children's learning also has the passive conversion to active. VR education stimulates and cultivates students' interest in learning with realistic scenes and super interactive ability

in biology courses, students can observe the combination of hemoglobin and oxygen through VR; In physics courses, students enjoy the starry sky through VR; In the geography course, first check whether there is resonance around the experimental machine. Students can see the beautiful scenery of the earth and overlook the beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland through VR. In Chinese courses, students can feel the environment of the ancients through VR, compose poems with chords, and express their feelings with scenery

touching icebergs and rivers, listening to the sound of gurgling water, such a cool and real experience, will you still feel that learning is boring? It is conceivable that in this interactive learning atmosphere, students' interest will become stronger and their desire for learning will also increase. According to incomplete statistics, students' thirst for knowledge of the unknown world is higher than adults, which is one of the reasons why students' learning and reception ability is higher than adults

vr has a broad prospect in the education industry, but there is still a long way to go in the specific implementation. It can be expected that VR education in the past two years must include traditional teaching methods. In other words, teachers will still use blackboards, PPT and other modes of teaching, but when they encounter some abstract knowledge points, they may make students wear VR glasses and feel those incomprehensible scenes

game industry: break the ice with the help of the hot wind of games

in December 2017, the China culture and entertainment industry association released the 2017 China game industry report, which showed that the revenue of VR games in 2017 was as high as 400million yuan, an increase of 28.2% year-on-year. It can be seen that although the scale and output value of the VR game industry are small, it has become the fastest growing field in the VR industry

shortly after the introduction of VR concept, game practitioners have begun to contact with VR industry. However, the immaturity of early VR devices led to poor game quality and experience, which also led to the development of VR games once entering a cold winter. However, VR games, like "Xiaoqiang", have strong vitality. After a series of blows, such as product explosion, few users, capital departure, etc., the style remains the same, and the prospect is still broad. With the continuous maturity of VR technology, the VR game industry has gradually warmed up, and finally ushered in a bright spring in 2017

according to data, more than 900 popular VR games were launched on the market in 2017, but the product quality is mixed. In this case, the difference in the quality of game products not only affects the reputation of VR games, but also increases the pressure on game developers

in this regard, some game players said that high-level VR games cost too much, and low-level VR game experience is extremely poor, which will make some consumers give up VR Games directly. In addition, at present, many users are "dizzy VR", which also makes 5 Impact testing machine: a relatively small consumer loses confidence in some products (even if the game is nice). Once the shadow of "halo VR" occurs, it is extremely difficult to remove it in the later stage

in the past two years, with the popularity of e-sports industry, the game industry has also ushered in considerable development. In this case, VR game manufacturers also seem to smell business opportunities and begin to follow the route of "small profits but quick turnover". Coupled with the rapid iteration of new products, some manufacturers believe that the VR game industry is still in urgent need of time

tourism industry: how to break the situation after a long illness

I don't know when tourism has become the spokesman of "happiness". Have you been anywhere? It has also become a daily topic of chat. Under this background, VR tourism has also quietly appeared in major scenic spots, cultural and tourism towns, theme parks, tourism complexes, scenic commercial streets, and VR experience stores have sprung up

According to incomplete statistics, in 2017, the number of domestic VR experience stores has exceeded 6500. With all kinds of small, temporary and functional experience points, the number of offline VR experience stores across the country has reached tens of thousands. Although the storefront is high and cool, in order to realize real value, the negative feelings such as single content and poor experience have made VR tourism a pseudo business for a long time

in fact, the emergence of VR tourism is not to solve the problem of people not going out, but to make consumers better understand tourist attractions, so as to facilitate decision-making and prevent spending money unjustly. Of course, the purpose of VR tourism is to let consumers experience some virtual scenes, such as traveling around space, stepping on the moon, etc., which are also to meet the needs of some users

so far, the difficulty of VR tourism promotion is more difficult than VR education and VR games. As for how to better promote the development of VR tourism, some operators also said that VR tourism can be combined with the current smart tourism framework. For example, through the use of VR, you can experience accommodation, scenic spots, recreation and travel in advance, and refine VR tourism, so as to realize the further application mode expansion of VR technology


the development of VR industry is not limited to a piece of glasses, but more importantly, the world behind it. With the pace of the new era, as the VR industry becomes more and more standardized and VR technology continues to mature, VR is bound to show a vertical and diversified development trend, which will also become the most perfect answer for the VR industry in the future

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