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Review 2011 flat glass to meet the new development of future adjustment

after entering 2011, new changes have taken place in the operation of the domestic flat glass industry. The government will further strengthen the regulation and control of real estate; The slowdown in the growth rate of social fixed asset investment has weakened the pull on the glass industry; The tightening of money has made it difficult for most enterprises and real estate developers to finance, and the flat glass industry is struggling. The limited development of the real estate industry led to insufficient orders for construction and furniture deep-processing enterprises. In 2010, the growth rate of flat glass demand fell sharply, while the supply showed a rapid growth momentum. The changes in domestic float glass production capacity in 2011 have the following characteristics:

1. A total of 31 new float glass production lines were added in 2011, with an annual production capacity of 165million weight boxes. Among them, 26 new ones were added monthly, with an annual production capacity of 127million weight boxes. After August, the whole industry of flat glass suffered serious losses. Most production enterprises slowed down the project progress and delayed the production time. After November, no new production line was put into production. Most of the new floating lines in 2011 were large tonnage, with 16 production lines with a daily melting capacity of more than 700 tons, accounting for 52% of the new production lines

2. In 2011, 34 float lines were cold repaired or discontinued, most of them with a daily melting capacity of 600 tons, with a total annual production capacity of 113 million weight boxes. In January, the original plate glass market continued to decline, some production enterprises were in financial difficulties, and the drainage time of production lines was concentrated, with a total of 23 cold repairs. After the middle of December, the downstream processing plants finished and rushed to work. The float glass market ushered in the design requirements, type experiments, signs and quality control of the top covers of water collecting wells and inspection wells in motor vehicle areas and pedestrian areas. Bsen124:1994 sought a warm-up period. Goods were tight and prices rose, and the financial pressure of some production enterprises was relieved. There were only 6 cold repair production lines in December

to sum up, the new float production capacity in 2011 was significantly greater than the drainage capacity. At the end of the year, there were 207 floating normals in production nationwide, with an annual production capacity of 910million weight boxes/year, and the contradiction between supply and demand was severe. The concentration of ordinary float glass production is low, which makes it difficult for the group to control the price, and the market of ordinary float glass has fallen continuously. In 2011, the original sheet of flat glass showed a volatile decline, and the price was reduced by about 20 yuan/weight box, causing serious losses in the whole industry

according to Zhuo 9. Compressed space: 0 (3) 000mm Chuang information statistics, 41 float lines were under construction in China at the end of 2011, with an annual production capacity of 216 million weight boxes, including 16 basically completed production lines and 29 float lines in cold repair. Zhuochuang information predicts that once the float glass market turns from loss to profit in 2012, the supply side will still face greater pressure

under the restriction of real estate development in 2011, the blind construction of ordinary float glass is really worrying. 2012 will usher in the industry adjustment period. Combined with the "12th Five Year Plan" development plan, zhuochuang information believes that the development of the flat glass industry in the next few years is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

leading, the tonnage of ordinary flat glass production lines will continue to increase, and the production cost of small tonnage production lines is relatively high, which may face greater survival pressure in the future

second, the flat glass production line (including lattice method) will be phased out, and the backward production capacity target of 90million weight boxes of flat glass will be eliminated during the "12th Five Year Plan" period of the Ministry of industry and information technology

third, the deep processing rate of flat glass will gradually increase, which is only 35% at present. The "12th Five Year Plan" stipulates that the deep processing rate of flat glass will reach 45% in the next five years

fourth, the industrial production concentration will continue to improve. According to zhuochuang information statistics, the production capacity of the top 10 float production enterprises accounts for only 61% of the total production capacity, and the target of the "12th Five Year Plan" is 75%

fifth, with the strengthening of environmental awareness and the increasing demand in high-tech fields, high-quality glass may achieve breakthrough progress. The 12th Five year plan clearly puts forward how to focus on the development of screen display, ensure everyone to closely cooperate with high value-added glass such as substrate glass, photovoltaic glass, coated glass and fireproof substrate glass, and limit the expansion of ordinary flat glass production capacity. The average annual growth rate of low radiation coated glass, photovoltaic glass and ultra-thin screen display substrate glass will reach 18%, 24% and 28%. At present, some domestic production enterprises have been committed to the construction of high-end glass projects, such as the trial production of Hebei CSG ultra-thin electronic production line with a daily melting capacity of 250 tons, and Wuhu Xinyi and AVIC Sanxin also have ultra-thin electronic glass projects; Dongtai China glass and Hebei Yingxin Low-E production lines are in trial production, and the Low-E projects of AVIC Sanxin, CSG group and Tianjin yaopi are under construction

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