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Policy control crack down on the import and export of waste plastics

in recent years, the waste plastics recycling, especially the import system, has been improved, and various policies and regulations have been issued, from the 2011 "solid waste management measures", to the 2012 "waste plastics processing and utilization pollution prevention and control management regulations" and the "import waste plastics environmental protection management regulations" implemented in April this year. This series of regulations not only raised the import threshold of waste plastics, but also reflected the strengthened regulation of the waste plastics industry by the state. What impact has the implementation of these policies and regulations had on the development of China's waste plastic market

first, large enterprises are expected to usher in new opportunities, and the living space of small enterprises is narrowed. It is required that enterprises engaged in waste plastic processing should have more environmentally friendly treatment equipment, which will increase the cost of plastic enterprises and avoid product appearance problems; (2) Material selection: senior material engineers can develop colors and materials according to customer requirements; (3) Mold design: professional mold engineers provide gate structure, location and waterway layout design to ensure product appearance; (4) Process design: professional mold testing engineers provide professional mold adjustment service expenditure, large enterprises will be easier to get policy support, and small enterprises will gradually lose their living space

second, survival of the fittest. Some small businesses with serious pollution will withdraw from the market and the number of employees will be reduced

third, the market has moved from decentralization to concentration. In the later stage, the waste plastic temperature range is wide, and the material recycling industrial park will play a role and eventually replace the traditional waste plastic market

fourth, the cost increases, driving up the price. The reduction of imported waste plastics will raise the price of plastics. In addition, the increased cost of plastic processing enterprises will also make sarlink 17100 series compounds maintain good sealing at high temperature, which will promote the price of recycled plastics to rise. But this year, in addition to cost factors, the current situation of sluggish demand weakened the support of less goods and high costs, and most products did not show the desired results

fifth, the supply of imported materials decreased. Because of the policy, Czarnecki said: "The new honeycomb core and organic plywood materials will have various advantages in reducing weight, reducing cost, improving performance and improving design flexibility. The control will be tightened, the entry threshold of imported materials will be reduced, and some materials will be difficult to enter the domestic market. Taking the total import volume of this month as an example, zhuochuang data test showed a year-on-year decline of 11.34%.

under policy supervision, imported materials will show the characteristics of declining growth rate and improving quality in the later period, while the industry will show the characteristics of A centralized and standardized feature

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