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Taking advantage of the policy, the environmental protection industry has ushered in new opportunities! Lanxi Yongfeng machinery uses high and new technology to help environmental protection. At the opening meeting of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the state proposed the guiding party for building a "beautiful China". So, what is "beautiful China"? The report pointed out that "we must establish the concept of ecological civilization that respects nature, conforms to nature and protects nature, give priority to the construction of ecological civilization, and integrate it into economic construction and political overprint with an error of no more than 1 mm. We should strive to build a beautiful China and realize the sustainable development of the Chinese nation." How can we play our role as participants and beneficiaries of the environmental protection industry

what is beautiful China like

mountain note: assuming that the difference between the display of calibration and the display of dynamometer is relatively large, qingshuixiu but poverty and backwardness are not beautiful China, strong and rich and environmental pollution are not beautiful China either. What we need to do is to control environmental pollution while developing. From our work, it is not difficult to see the negative impact of unscientific development on the environment. In the weather forecast work in recent years, it has been obvious that the air quality in some areas has declined, especially the haze weather has increased significantly, and the scope is getting larger and larger

water is the basis of human survival. China's total freshwater resources are 2.8 trillion cubic meters, ranking sixth in the world, but the per capita water volume is only equivalent to 1/4 of the world's per capita share, ranking 109th in the world. And because of social development, freshwater pollution is becoming more and more serious. People's awareness of environmental protection is not enough or they do not pay attention to sewage treatment for the sake of interests, which leads to water pollution

according to the data released by the Chinese government, water quality tests were carried out in nearly 100000 kilometers of river sections of about 700 large and medium-sized rivers in China. The results showed that nearly 1/2 of the river sections were polluted, 1/10 of the river sections were seriously polluted, and many rivers had lost their use value. According to the survey, at present, more than 90% of the urban waters in the country are polluted to varying degrees; In some basins and regions, water pollution has extended from tributaries to main streams, from the surface to the underground, from the land to the sea, from cities to rural areas, and from the east to the West. The severe pollution situation also brings us business opportunities. More and more manufacturers are transforming into sewage treatment equipment. However, due to the large market and great competitive pressure, how can we stand out in the same industry? I think the most important thing is to have reliable product quality, advanced processing technology and high-tech competitiveness

in Lanxi, Zhejiang Province, there are many peers who do equipment in the environmental protection industry, but if we can say that we can have high-tech, only Lanxi Yongfeng machinery can be jointly developed with foreign-funded enterprises. Only with the ability of independent research and development can we have the capital to guide the market. Having a foothold in the market for 20 years depends on the enterprising power of continuous innovation. I think this is what an excellent enterprise should have

Lanxi Yongfeng machinery (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service. Founded in 2007, it is a joint venture between Lanxi Qixing Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Yongfeng Machinery Co., Ltd., a manufacturer designated by the former Ministry of construction in Zhejiang to produce steel bar pre sensing stress machinery. Lanxi Yongfeng machinery (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. introduced Taiwan technology, developed and produced the latest environmental protection water treatment equipment lwy series - Horizontal Sedimentation screw automatic discharge energy-saving centrifuges with less oil and bubbles, and internationally advanced processing technology and assembly technology, making Yongfeng brand horizontal screw centrifuges cheaper; Longer service life; Wider application range; More efficient. The company takes "making the best solid and liquid" as its goal, and constantly absorbs and introduces advanced technology and theoretical experience at home and abroad to develop high-quality products with independent innovation to meet the needs of customers in different industrial fields

after years of excellence, professional production and R & D, the company's products have been constantly updated. The enterprise has won honorary titles: Zhejiang Provincial Science and technology enterprise, Jinhua high-tech enterprise, Jinhua private science and technology enterprise, Lanxi enterprise technology research and development center, Lanxi patent demonstration enterprise, etc., and has passed ISO9001:2008, CE and other certification, and obtained export product license. Professional equipment manufacturing, excellent processing quality first, assured understanding of technology, leading scientific research and development, and perfect after-sales service system have won high praise from domestic and foreign customers

the environmental protection industry has a large market and a bright future. What we hope is that while enterprises create benefits, they can also leave a green landscape for the society

: Cong Yurui

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