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The police disguised as drug addicts found the drug dealer's hiding place and found a kilogram of drugs

set up posts to patrol and check the accidental traces of drugs. The police disguised as drug addicts to catch drug dealers, knocked down a large drug addiction and trafficking dens, and arrested 6 suspect at the scene. 2. Our company's electronic universal experimental machine adopted Taiwan Abba high-precision ball screws, and seized 1.1 kg of drugs. Drug traffickers privately allowed the police to search for 500000 yuan to bribe, hoping that the police would "open up", which was solemnly rejected by the police. Yesterday, Dongxin police announced that suspect he, who was suspected of drug trafficking, was criminally detained, and the remaining five illegal suspects were punished by compulsory drug rehabilitation, public security detention and so on

through the urine test, the police confirmed that Liu had taken drugs. Liu confessed that he bought drugs from a man with the nickname "second son". At about 9 p.m. on February 29, the police of tiejishan police station, who was carrying out patrol and inventory tasks in Optics Valley, found a car acting suspiciously: it turned around quickly when it was 50 meters away from the inventory. The police immediately stopped the car that was about to turn around and escape. When the door was opened, a pungent fragrance floated in the face, which was the fragrance of "sesame". The police immediately controlled the owner Liu and sent him back to the Institute for examination in 2014

through in-depth understanding, the police learned that the "second" often haunts, has no fixed trading place, and does not easily expose his hiding place. Every transaction is either at the bus stop or in an inconspicuous corner. It disappears after the transaction is completed quickly

a policeman drew dark circles under his eyes and dressed up as a "drug addict". According to the clues provided by Liu, the rest of the policemen ambushed around and quietly watched the suspicious people around. After several days of investigation, the police finally found out the hidden place of the mysterious drug dealer "Dick" to ensure the service life and reliability of the system: in an 11 story first floor building in a community under the jurisdiction

at about 3 p.m. on March 4, the arrest team quietly came to the residence where the drug traffickers were hiding. The police came to buy drugs as "addicts", and the rest of the police ambushed in the safe passage of the building. When the door opened after the transaction was completed, the police rushed into the house and controlled the six men in the room, including the drug traffickers who were wearing pajamas and smoking on the bed. They named and saved them as "second sons". Drug abuse tools were piled everywhere in the house

according to the on-site search, the police found nearly 100 grams of methamphetamine in a cigarette box in the kitchen of the rented home of the "second". In the solar water heater in the bathroom, I found a large package of drugs, all of which were small packages, tightly wrapped in plastic bags. When I opened it, I found that most of them were "Ma Guo", and there were seven or eight bags of methamphetamine. According to rough statistics, there were more than 2100 Ma Guo, with a net weight of nearly 500 grams, and about 500 grams of ice poison. Just now, the calm drug dealer "Dick" collapsed on the ground and kept saying, "it's over, it's all over!"

while other policemen were still busy, the "second man" quietly pulled the person in charge aside and begged, "let me go while driving, and I will immediately give you 500000 yuan, OK?" Was rejected by the person in charge of the site

after interrogation, the "second brother" of the drug dealer, surnamed he, is from Wuhan, and has a record of many crimes. He was just released from prison for drug trafficking in the second half of last year. When he returned home, he began to resume his old business

at present, the Dongxin police are strengthening the investigation of the drug source, and the case is under further trial

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