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Policy finance supports the equipment manufacturing industry to "go global"

in international capacity cooperation, the equipment manufacturing industry has broad prospects for going global. Some traditional equipment manufacturing enterprises may die in the domestic market, but they can open a way to survive in the international market and achieve multiple wins

as a policy bank whose main business is to support the development of open economy, the Export Import Bank of China has always taken supporting the export of equipment and the going out of equipment manufacturing industry as its basic responsibility and work focus. Hu Xiaolian, chairman of the Export Import Bank of China, said recently that the role of policy banks is to support projects with long loan terms for enterprises, especially to support China's equipment and technology going global. It is reported that the current reform of policy oriented financial institutions is finally going to produce phased results, and the relevant articles of association of the Export Import Bank of China will be released soon

our business scope of supporting enterprises' overseas investment is very clear, including supporting the development of foreign trade along the the Belt and Road, actively supporting the construction of infrastructure along the the Belt and Road, and supporting participation in the industrialization construction of countries along the belt and road, with special emphasis on projects that can drive China's equipment and technology to go global. Hu Xiaolian said

usher in the opportunity of going global development

the guiding opinions on promoting international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation issued by the State Council proposed that by 2020, we should strive to basically establish the production capacity cooperation mechanism between China's equipment going global and key countries, make significant progress in a number of key production capacity cooperation projects, form a number of overseas production capacity cooperation demonstration bases, and form a number of backbone enterprises with international competitiveness and market development capabilities, Further promote domestic economic and trade restructuring and industrial transformation and upgrading

the implementation of the above strategies has brought a rare opportunity for the equipment manufacturing industry to go global, or it is difficult to compare and develop for a long time. First of all, the infrastructure construction of the the Belt and Road provides a huge market space for equipment manufacturing to go global. In the next few years, the demand of countries along the the Belt and Road for energy equipment and infrastructure such as railways, pipelines, airports, ports, nuclear power and telecommunications will continue to grow; Secondly, industrial investment and cooperation among countries will create good development opportunities for the equipment manufacturing industry to go global. Domestic equipment enterprises with conditions can adopt cooperative investment to build relevant industrial parks, or establish R & D centers in countries or regions with high scientific and technological level, so as to make full use of the science and technology and human resources of the host country and improve the comprehensive strength of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises. In addition, manufacturing in China has sprung up. After years of development, China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry has owned a number of highly competitive new technologies and products, providing a new driving force for the equipment manufacturing industry to go global

the rare development opportunity of equipment manufacturing enterprises has also brought new development opportunities for financial institutions such as the banking industry. The necessity of adopting large-scale sample zigzag stress corrosion test is particularly important. Supporting equipment manufacturing to go global will create good conditions for banking financial institutions to adjust business structure and customer structure, strengthen the construction of foreign institutions, and improve brand influence and competitiveness

create a successful example of going global

CSR Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CSR, is an old state-owned enterprise in the traditional manufacturing industry whose main business is the production of diesel locomotives. In recent years, with the rapid development of the railway industry, CSR Ziyang, a former leading enterprise, has turned to explore the international market in order to survive

the relevant person in charge of CSR Ziyang said that after arduous market development, it was a contradiction for enterprises in the few years when the national order was zero. CSR Ziyang's exported locomotives accounted for 83.9% of the total output, which successfully entered Turkmenistan, Thailand, Pakistan and other countries with different railway track standards, and accumulated equipment manufacturing experience for building the railway artery of the the Belt and Road

for CSR Ziyang, whether the list in the overseas market can be won and whether it is competitive enough is no longer a comparison of products, but a comparison of comprehensive solutions, in which the cost of capital is crucial

thanks to the support of the Export Import Bank of China, a policy oriented financial institution, CSR Ziyang has spent nearly a decade walking out of a development path from losing the wheat city to going overseas, and then taking advantage of the momentum to build strength through going out, and returning to the domestic market with the support of technological innovation. It has become a successful case of traditional state-owned enterprises in industries with excess production capacity, coordinating the two markets with the help of international market capacity cooperation, and realizing secondary entrepreneurship

in fact, equipment manufacturing enterprises in different stages of going out face the problem of capital bottleneck in the process of developing overseas markets. In addition to the initial funding of the project, a large amount of supporting funds are also required for the construction of the after-sales service system in the later stage

experts suggest that policy financial institutions should play a greater role through different regulatory policies, so that they can further strengthen the counter cyclical support for some traditional manufacturing enterprises, give full play to the guiding role of policy finance, drive all funds, and provide sufficient, efficient and low-cost financial support for equipment and technology going global

promote the innovation of "going out" mode

in the process of supporting equipment manufacturing enterprises to go out, the export import bank actively guides enterprises to fully consider the development needs and sustainable development requirements of the host country, and through internal and external cooperation, promote enterprises and the host country to achieve a win-win situation of common development. For example, the Lahore rail transit orange project in Pakistan supported by the export import bank is an important cooperation project reached by the leaders of China and Pakistan, and it is also an early harvest project and demonstration project with the fastest progress in the transportation field of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The successful implementation of the project will help alleviate the traffic congestion in Lahore, and play a positive role in improving people's livelihood and promoting local economic development. At the same time, the project also drives the export of domestic light rail equipment, technology and services, which plays an important role in supporting Chinese enterprises to expand the international market

in order to reduce the debt pressure of the host country, control the project risk and improve the success rate of the project, the export import bank initiated the establishment of several funds to support the host country. For example, the China ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund, mainly initiated by the export import bank, invests in Cambodian optical fiber companies. After obtaining the fund investment, while improving the upgrading of the local telecommunications industry in Cambodia, the company continues to explore the optical fiber communication markets in Myanmar and Laos, and participates in the construction of submarine cable projects in the region, which will eventually realize the interconnection of telecommunications networks between China and Indochina Peninsula

in order to improve the success rate of equipment manufacturing projects, the export import bank and relevant government departments have successively established a two-level two-way project screening and recommendation mechanism. On the basis of the government departments' single recommendation of projects with good industrial prospects and urgent financing needs to the export import bank, the branches of the export Import Bank have been added to assist the local industrial competent departments to collect projects, It is a new way to recommend projects after experts' review organized by relevant government departments. The practice shows that the project generation mechanism combining two-level screening and two-way recommendation has fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the relevant government departments and the export import bank, achieved the effective connection between policy project information and financial product services, and achieved fruitful project results

adhere to the unique advantages of going global

export import bank as China's import and export of mechanical and electrical products, complete sets of equipment and high-tech products, as well as foreign contracted projects and all kinds of overseas 7 Adopting the main policy financing channel of all digital, 3-closed loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system investment based on Neuron Adaptive PID algorithm, it has many policy businesses such as two excellent loans, overseas investment loans, foreign contracted project loans, export credits, and has unique advantages in supporting the equipment manufacturing industry to go global

in order to enhance the self innovation ability of equipment manufacturing enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, improve the supporting facilities of industrial chain, change the situation that core technology is controlled by people, consolidate the industrial and technological foundation of equipment manufacturing to go global, and improve the ability of equipment enterprises to go global, the export import bank has successively issued import credit, export base construction loan, export enterprise fixed asset investment loan Support domestic enterprises' independent innovation, major technology and equipment localization loans, open industry integration loans, export buyer's credit supporting funds loans, overseas investment working capital loans and other innovative credit businesses that support the development of equipment manufacturing industry, improve the independent innovation ability of equipment manufacturing enterprises, apply new technologies, new equipment, new processes, new materials, and develop new products, It has provided effective financial support to promote the application, transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. In order to better support the development of equipment manufacturing industry, combined with the development of loan business and the new situation of equipment manufacturing industry development, the export import bank adjusted and integrated the business of the above loan varieties in 2015 and 2016 respectively, so as to build a comprehensive policy oriented financial system to support equipment manufacturing enterprises' independent research and development, industrialization, procurement, sales, going out, M & A integration, overseas continuous operation and other activities

over the years, Exim Bank has a solid market foundation in supporting the export of major technical equipment such as ships, aircraft and complete sets of equipment, and has established stable cooperative relations with backbone enterprises in the industry. A considerable number of Chinese enterprises have entered the overseas market for the first time with the support of Exim Bank

in the process of implementing the "going global" strategy, the export import bank attached great importance to promoting Chinese standards and supported a large number of overseas railway, highway, bridge, power station, power transmission and transformation, satellite and other projects to adopt Chinese standards. This project integrates Chinese design, equipment procurement, construction, supervision and financing for the first time, and is a typical Chinese railway project. The railway was officially opened to traffic in October 2016, which means that China's railway has successfully gone global again, and that China's standards have successfully entered the world again

in the future, the export import bank will also actively strengthen the coordination and cooperation with new institutions such as the Asian infrastructure investment bank, the Silk Road Fund and the BRICs New Development Bank, deepen cooperation in project development, financial innovation, investment and financing scheme design, give better play to the overall capital advantage, and provide more efficient financial products and services for equipment manufacturing enterprises to go global

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