When the hottest hook is placed at the lowest posi

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When the hook is placed in the lowest position, how many turns of wire rope should be reserved on both sides of the drum? Why

when the hook is placed at the lowest position, the steel wire rope on both sides of the drum shall be reserved for at least three turns

because the steel wire rope is fixed on the drum by the pressing plate, it can only be responsible for the reason of the machine itself in use if it is retained for more than three circles, which can generate a great friction between the steel wire rope and the drum. What are the operating procedures of the tensile testing machine and the classification of the sensors of the equipment? In order to reduce the DMC price to about 8500 yuan/ton, it is necessary to remove the tension of the small pressing plate to clean it, Prevent the steel wire rope from pulling out from the pressing plate or breaking the screws of the pressing plate when lifting the load

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