When the hottest storm strikes, waterborne coating

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Storm hit water-based coatings will become the industry development wind vane

storm hit water-based coatings samples: 5 100x100x70mm (the upper and lower surfaces of the samples are bonded with 100x100mm metal plates respectively with adhesive) will become the industry development wind vane

december 15, 2016

[China coating information]

recently, The Ministry of industry and information technology has officially released the catalogue of substitutes for toxic and harmful raw materials (products) encouraged by the state (2016 version), hereinafter referred to as the catalogue. The catalogue involves a large number of water-based coatings to replace solvent based coatings. Previously, the state has implemented the policy of "changing oil to water" for the coating industry, and the release of the catalogue will reiterate the environmental protection issue again. It can be seen that water-based coatings will become the wind vane for the development of the industry in the future

phenomenon: formaldehyde has become a killer in the industry. Paint enterprises are in danger.

as we all know, today we all live in the haze shrouded sky. The clear sky in the past has long ceased to exist. Looking up, we see only a gray one, resulting in an extra carry on item - a mask. The air outside is so impure, so what about inside

indoor is the main place of people's daily life, and health problems have become our active concern. As we all know, there are often cases of indoor formaldehyde not reaching the standard, and tragic events caused by formaldehyde problems have also occurred. As a part of interior decoration, the coating industry naturally cannot escape the relationship. However, due to the continuous rise of raw materials and other factors, coating enterprises have experienced negative growth at different levels, i.e. 1/6 growth of air density, and the whole industry is in a downturn. Formaldehyde incident, price rise and negative growth of the industry make the whole coating industry in danger, and it is urgent to find solutions

solution: attach importance to environmental friendly water-based coatings and become a wind vane for the development of the industry

with the development of economy, environmental problems are becoming increasingly prominent, and the state pays more and more attention to the environment. After the implementation of the "oil to water" policy for a while, the production of hazardous substances in the coating industry has indeed decreased a lot, but some enterprises are still stubborn and can make money. The market has entered the stage of vicious competition

with the release of the catalogue issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, another ruler has been added to the production of the coating industry. The catalogue clearly stipulates that water-based coatings replace solvent based coatings. It can be seen that solvent based coatings will be eliminated in the future paint market, and the market position of water-based coatings will be higher and higher. Under the pressure of "environmental storm", it is wise for coating enterprises to actively transform and upgrade to water-based coatings

this year is a turning point for the coating industry. With only half a month left, 2016 will become history. In the new year of using biodegradable materials, whether the coating industry can focus on water-based coatings as stipulated in the catalogue still depends on the consciousness of coating enterprises. However, it is believed that those coating enterprises with long-term development prospects will take water-based coatings as their goals. After all, the prospect is there. Who doesn't want to make a profit

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