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In June, the price of glass and soda ash in key enterprises was linked

the price of float glass in key glass enterprises in June was 73. 9 yuan/weight box, down 1 month on month. 5%, up 7 year on year. 9%。 The price of ordinary flat glass is 65. 7 yuan/weight box, down 4 month on month. 5%, up 3% year on year. 8%。 At present, there will be 5 liters and 4 drops of some factory made glass varieties in the market, of which 3mm float has the largest decline, and the price per weight box has fallen by 2% over the previous month. 19 yuan

the average purchase price of soda ash of key glass enterprises in the second quarter was 1822 yuan/ton, an increase of 62 yuan/ton over the previous quarter and 35% year-on-year; The average purchase price of heavy oil (coal tar) was 3126 yuan/ton, up 17% month on month and 635 yuan/ton year on year. In the consumption of raw materials in the second quarter, soda ash, heavy oil (coal tar) and coal were about 11. 01、10。 84、12。 09/weight box

CEI announced that the profit of the glass industry in the first two quarters increased by 25 year-on-year. 6%, and the profit margin increased from 2% in the same period last year. 91% decreased to 2 in the current period. 88%, of which the second quarter was from 3. 52% down to clear print 1. 98%。

its characteristics are: it has a great impact on the front relative error of the small scale range of the dial.

under the internal economic cycle, the static method is often used to solve the dynamic problems in 2021 projects. In April, China Chengdu Construction Expo talked with you about new opportunities for the industry.

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic being effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also changed greatly, China is pursuing [details]

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