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Mondi's "green" paper will be displayed at Paperworld exhibition

Mondi's paper department will display a series of unique green paper to the world for the first time at Paperworld 2007 exhibition in January 2007, which shows Mondi's commitment to environmental protection. In the future, top products certified by FSC and TCF paper (paper completely free of chlorine) produced by t r i o t e x technology will be divided into new product lines, and Na u t I US paper made of 100% renewable materials will also become a part of this product line

the number and frequency of experiments of the company's products certified by FSC will increase in 2007, including Bio top 3, IQ triotex unique, Maestro triot Inner Mongolia EC, TCF and IQ color paper and Maestro color paper

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sound has become the world's largest plastic consumer Guoming:

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