The hottest money is not lack of money. 90% of the

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Money shortage is not a lack of money. 90% of the profits handed over by state-owned enterprises are returned to state-owned enterprises for use.

yesterday, the third meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress deliberated on the 2012 central final account report. Members of the Standing Committee said that the current "money shortage" is not a real lack of money. The only way to alleviate the current financial difficulties is to speed up the reform of the fiscal and tax system. At the same time, it is also recommended that state-owned enterprises turn in more profits for the people's livelihood

key words: "money shortage"

"opening the gate to release water" will only accumulate foam

in recent days, the "money shortage" has attracted attention, and some financial institutions hope that the central bank "opens the gate to release water". However, the State Council has decided to reasonably maintain how the monetary aggregate experimental machine is used, and is determined to regulate the flow of funds through the market and restore the balance of economic structure. At the same time, finance minister Lou Jiwei said the day before yesterday that the central government revenue in January this year was 1996.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 0.8%

in this regard, the member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the Central Committee's chemical fiber materials, including carbon fiber, are all within the scope of the company's attention. Wu Xiaoling, the former vice president of the industry, said that the decline in economic growth will inevitably exacerbate financial difficulties, and the past extensive mode of economic growth must be changed

Wu Xiaoling said that the sequelae of large-scale government investment in 2008 is powerless to continue to maintain the stall laid at that time. The current "money shortage" is not a real lack of money, but a huge gap between the stalls laid in the past and the credit growth that the economy can provide

Wu Xiaoling suggested to make good preparations for financing, focusing on building 100 billion Taolu peak target platform default, trust products and financial products default. Only when these phenomena occur, can China's economy move towards the path of rational development

Wu Xiaoling believes that if we "open the floodgates" now, it will only make the debt foam of China's economy continue to accumulate, which is very bad for the future. The new government has made up its mind early to deal with this problem

key words: profits of state-owned enterprises

state owned enterprises should pay more profits

Lou Jiwei introduced the day before yesterday that the central state-owned capital operating income in 2012 was 97.068 billion yuan, 115% of the budget, plus the carry over income of 3.106 billion yuan in 2011, the total amount was 100.174 billion yuan

state owned enterprises have been criticized for their low profits. During the deliberation yesterday, member Peng Sen proposed that the profit income of state-owned enterprises last year was 2.1 trillion yuan. Through the state-owned capital budget, only about 90billion yuan could be collected and reflected in the fiscal revenue, accounting for less than 5%. This money was mainly used for the reinvestment of the entire state-owned enterprises

Wu Xiaoling also mentioned that state-owned enterprises are enterprises of the whole people. Now the proportion of profits turned in by state-owned capital is relatively low, and 90% of the profits turned in are returned to state-owned enterprises, which is inappropriate

107 some members of the Standing Committee suggested that the profits handed over by state-owned capital should be further increased, which should be mainly applied to people's livelihood compensation, social security, social welfare and social development. Part of the profits should be distributed to the finance as the shareholders of the whole people and as the income of the public finance or social security fund, so that the whole people can share the profits of state-owned enterprises, reflecting the necessity of the existence of state-owned enterprises

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