The hottest Molson export beer Centennial

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In order to overcome this problem, Molson's export beer Centennial Edition label

Molson's export beer Centennial Edition label uses 50 pound partial wet strength paper of holoprism of proma, surface coated with water-based coating, and printed by inland printing, Wisconsin. "Consumers want to show the historical evolution of products with four different designs, which reflect the label patterns of 1903, 1955, 1962 and 2003 respectively," Kemp said. "All designs have been changed to take advantage of the holographic effect provided by holoprism's standard pattern 752."

holographic labels also meet the standard of easy removal in the cleaning process. Bottles used for recycling will go through such a process before refilling. When implementing this design, there are no bubbles and wrinkles, and the problem of adhesive/material combination that is not easy to remove in the cleaning process is solved

(information source: PD China)

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