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On April 28, China Plastics spot PP market brief

China Plastics price index rose 7.07 points to 1325.81 points; The China Plastics spot index rose 0.94 points to 1287.78

I. upstream express:

crude oil futures closed higher on Friday, challenging $120 a barrel in the session. Tensions between the United States and Iran have heated up again, and North Sea oil exports may also be disturbed. These factors have driven oil prices soaring. The settlement price of light sweet crude oil futures for June delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose $2.46, or 2.1%, to $118.52 a barrel. The settlement price of June Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) rose $2 to $116.34 a barrel, previously hitting a record high of $117.56 a barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Dalian organic PP newly installed and produced wire drawing T30S, and 70000 tons of old devices produced T30S. Today, the ex factory price rose by 150 yuan/ton, the latest T30S ex factory price was 12700 yuan/ton, other products were out of stock, and the ex factory price of early film material T36F was 12700 yuan/ton

it is reported that Sinopec Shanghai raised the quotation of copolymer by 300 yuan/ton, including 13300 yuan/ton for Yangzi j340/k8003 and 13300 yuan/ton for Shanghai Petrochemical m180r/m700r

the delivery price of PetroChina Huadong PP copolymerization rose by 100 yuan/ton today, the latest delivery price of Daqing T30S was 12750 yuan/ton, the delivery price of fiber Z30S was 12650 yuan/ton, the delivery price of Dushanzi EPS30R was 13300 yuan/ton, the delivery price of Daqing Refining EPS30R was 13300 yuan/ton, the delivery price of Daqing T38F was 12750 yuan/ton, the delivery price of Lanhua j700 was 12600 yuan/ton, the delivery price of Lanhua v30g was 12600 yuan/ton, and the delivery price of PA14D was 13000 yuan/ton

EPS30R produced by Daqing Refining and chemical PP plant. Today, the ex factory price rose by yuan/ton, the ex factory price of the latest wire drawing T30S was 12700 yuan/ton, the ex factory price of film material T38F was 12700 yuan/ton, the ex factory price of copolymer PA14D-1 was 12850 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of EPS30R was 13200 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's sales are normal

III. local market conditions:

in the morning, the PP market trend was good, and the market continued to rise, and some of them increased significantly. Although the enthusiasm of downstream receiving goods still needs to be improved, most traders have a good mentality and are optimistic about the future market. The latest mainstream quotation of domestic wire drawing/injection plastic is yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of domestic copolymer sepiolite as aqueous magnesium silicate material is yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of imported copolymer is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of monofilament powder is 12950 yuan/ton

there are rumors of price increase in SINOPEC. The PP market price in Hangzhou is still slightly increased. The trading atmosphere is good, and resources are tight. The local wire drawing quotation is about yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is slightly lower; Copolymerization resources are tight, Yanshan k8303 resources are scarce, the quotation is chaotic, the quotation is about 13850 yuan/ton, I heard that the high-end quotation is about 14000 yuan/ton, 7726 quotation is about 13700 yuan/ton, and the transaction is good

Shantou has few PP market resources, and today's price continues to rise. At present, Fulian T30S is out of stock. Hainan and Dalian T30S quote 12320 yuan/ton without tickets, and Hainan v30g quote 12320 yuan/ton without tickets. There are still rumors of price increases in petrochemicals. The mentality of businesses is stable and the short-term market trend is strong

the PP market in Nanjing has few resources. Today, the quotation of petrochemical copolymers is rising, and the homopolymer price has not been determined. There is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market; The mainstream quotation of local Yangzi F401 is about 13100 yuan/ton; There are few resources of copolymers. The mainstream quotation of K8003 and j340 is about 13700 yuan/ton

Sinopec Beijing closed its offer briefly this morning, and the surrounding middlemen expected that Sinopec would raise prices this week and be reluctant to sell resources. In the early stage, there were a series of chain reactions caused by overload in Tianjin, and there were few goods in the joint T30S, and EPS30R was basically out of stock in the early stage. The mainstream quotation of local T30S is yuan/ton, and the quotation of CNPC EPS30R is said to be about 13300 yuan/ton. TIANLIAN quoted about 350 yuan/ton for the structure and operation method of concrete pressure testing machine in order to reduce weight and reduce cost

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