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Molecular assembly antibacterial technology manufacturing antibacterial BOPP film

from the relevant articles, we already know that the manufacturing process of antibacterial BOPP film is not too complex. It is to add antibacterial masterbatch made of molecular assembly technology to the film that requires antibacterial function. Molecular assembly antibacterial technology is to link the selected organic antibacterial functional group to the molecular chain of polypropylene resin in the form of chemical bond through chemical reaction, so that the basic properties of antibacterial masterbatch not only maintain the characteristics of polypropylene PP material, but also have good antibacterial function. The above description gives us a strong feeling that using molecular assembly antibacterial technology to manufacture antibacterial BOPP film has unique advantages

1. The addition of antibacterial masterbatch only requires the film layer with antibacterial, while the two surface layers of BOPP film are generally very thin, so the amount of addition will not be very large

2. The antibacterial masterbatch maintains the characteristics of polypropylene PP material, so its addition will not cause changes in the physical and chemical properties of BOPP film, but still maintain the transparent, beautiful, sharp and other appearance of the film

3. The organic antibacterial functional group is optimized and has several characteristics: A. high antibacterial efficiency and broad spectrum; b. After assembly, it can withstand high temperature and high pressure, so it will not change its performance after high temperature extrusion; C30 low-alloy high-strength structural steel and antibacterial functional groups have very strong polarity. In the molten state of the resin, the functional groups repel each other, and finally enrich the functional groups on the surface of the film, which greatly improves the efficiency. This is also the reason why high-efficiency antibacterial can be achieved with little addition

4. Antibacterial functional groups are linked in the form of chemical bonds. We all know that sufficient conditions must be met to break chemical bonds. However, these conditions are not available in the manufacturing process of antibacterial BOPP film, and it is more difficult to have these sufficient conditions in the service process and service life of the film. Therefore, the antibacterial function exists in the film, and the antibacterial performance is effective for a long time without attenuation and loss

these unique advantages of antibacterial BOPP film will certainly bring a strong impetus to its use. Whether a commodity can be widely used must meet a certain price performance ratio. The basic resin of antibacterial masterbatch is PP material; In the film manufacturing process, the amount added to the surface layer will not be too much; It will not be too difficult in technology. 6. Packaging and process performance experimental instruments (including packaging drop experimental instruments, packaging impact experimental instruments, friction and wear experimental instruments, bending experimental instruments, straightening machines, etc.);, Therefore, the manufacturing cost will not increase too much. I believe that the price of its wide speed regulation range should be acceptable to everyone compared with its antibacterial effect on the improvement of food and beverage hygiene and safety

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