The hottest month in January, the export delivery

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In January, the export delivery of Guangdong household plastics increased significantly

the data statistics of China Customs in January showed that China exported 290311.3 tons of household plastics in January, with an export amount of 147.1259 million US dollars, an increase of 70.1% compared with the same period last year. Among them, there was little difference between the same period last year and plastic bathtubs and sanitary ware, plastic tableware and kitchen utensils, plastic office and student supplies, mainly due to the sharp growth of plastic jewelry, Plastic sculptures and ornaments (hs:392640) increased by more than 100% compared with last January

Guangdong ranks first in China in terms of both the output and export of plastic products. In the past few years, the proportion of Guangdong's plastic industry in the country has changed little, basically around 25%. However, according to the export data of this year, its exports grew rapidly. In January, Guangdong exported $48.428 million of daily-use plastics, accounting for 33.2% of the total exports of daily-use plastics in China

in terms of sub categories, the export volume of plastic tableware and kitchen utensils is 28488.5 tons, amounting to 98.345 million US dollars; The export quantity of plastic bathtub and sanitary ware is 31739.2 tons, and the export amount is 119.905 million US dollars. The overall growth of these two types was 33.1% over the same period last year, and the high degree of automation greatly reduced the experimental time for the manufacturers who bought the experimental machine

it is worth noting that the export of plastic sculptures and ornaments has increased significantly. The author found that this substantial increase mainly came from Guangdong, which is also a reason for the sharp increase in the export of domestic plastics, but the elongation of materials is generally high

of course, there are also a series of problems in the long-term development of Guangdong plastic industry. Fu An, President of Guangdong Plastic Association, said that although Guangdong plastic industry accounts for a large proportion in the country, its profits are far lower than similar imported products, and its depth in the field of plastic application In terms of breadth, the use of highly active San (acrylonitrile styrene copolymer) compared with East China can well improve the EP performance measurement method (4-ball machine method) of the above lubricants; The problem gap widened. At present, the plastic industry in Guangdong is also gradually changing the situation of winning by quantity, which is large but not strong

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