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On February 24, China Plastics spot PP market brief

China Plastics price index rose 0.54 points to 792.32 points, and China Plastics spot index fell 0.66 points to 893.65 points

the growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in a golden period of Komen growth and rapid growth.

I. upstream express:

WTI crude oil on the New York commodity futures exchange fell $1.59/barrel to $38.44/barrel. Brent crude oil fell 0.90 USD/barrel to 40.99 USD/barrel

European propylene FD northwest European news 411 00 euros/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day. Far east propylene monomer FOB South Korea reported USD/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

the new organic PP plant in Dalian produces T30S. The 70000 ton old plant is shut down, and another 50000 ton old plant continues to shut down, and there is no start-up plan for the time being

the PP unit of Huabei Petrochemical stopped for some reason on February 12, resumed operation on the evening of February 23, and is expected to discharge at the end of the month

during the shutdown and maintenance of PP powder device in Dongming refinery, it is planned to start up in the near future. Today, the manufacturer's listing price is yuan/ton, the inventory remains small, and the manufacturer's sales are general

transparent material gm1600e produced by PP plant 1pp of Shanghai Petrochemical; 2PP copolymer m180r; 3PP produces BOPP film material f280s

III. local market conditions:

the market atmosphere of PP in China plastic city is flat, the quotation changes little, and it basically maintains a large, stable and small dynamic trend. Traders do not have many sources of goods in their hands. They continue to wait and see the petrochemical trend, and the transaction has not improved significantly. At present, different brake pad materials made in China have different service life, heat dissipation capacity and friction coefficient. The mainstream quotation of plastic is yuan/ton, that of domestic copolymers is yuan/ton, that of imported copolymers is yuan/ton, and that of monofilament powder is 7550 yuan/ton

Shunde PP market has a flat atmosphere in the morning, with few suppliers, and the quotation is temporarily stable. Continue to wait and see the petrochemical policy. Maoming n-t30s reported rmb7300/ton, PetroChina avoided touching its surface with hands, and Hainan T30S reported rmb7300/ton without ticket; Note in terms of plastics, M160 is reported as RMB/ton without ticket, Guangzhou cjs700 is reported as RMB/ton, and Thailand 1100nk is reported as 7900 yuan/ton without ticket; Film blowing material h4540 is reported at 7700 yuan/ton without ticket; Copolymer EPS30R is reported as 7700 yuan/ton without ticket, and ept30r and EPC30R-H are reported as 7700 yuan/ton. There are no tickets. It is said that the actual transaction price is low

the quotation of PP in Qingdao is relatively stable. It is rumored that Sinopec is preparing to introduce the settlement price. The market, especially the quality of thermal insulation materials, is not up to standard. There is a serious wait-and-see mood. At the same time, downstream demand is still not very good. At present, the quotation of T30S produced by Qingdao Petrochemical is about yuan/ton, and there are few transactions

the morning atmosphere in the PP market in Xiamen is light. At present, businesses pay close attention to Sinopec's policies. There are not many sources of goods, but the overall confidence is insufficient. Fulian T30S mainstream reports 7800 yuan/ton, some businesses report 7900 yuan/ton, Dalian and Hainan T30S basic reports 7800 yuan/ton, Daqing v30g reports 7800 yuan/ton, and copolymerization basically has no quotation

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