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Shanghai Plastic Company monitoring instrument testing

Shanghai Plastic Company monitoring instrument testing

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Product Brand WorldCom product model th08 production City National Shipping city national total supply 10000 minimum starting order 12 products unit price 1000 measurement units product details

Shanghai Plastic Company monitoring instrument testing

at present, the company's main business is distributed in the Pearl River Delta region: East Itinerary introduction of full-automatic tensile testing machine in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Foshan, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Heyuan, Zhaoqing, Shaoguan, Qingyuan, Yunfu, Yangjiang, Zhanjiang, Maomin, instrument calibration in Jieyang, Chaozhou, Shantou, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Fujian and other major cities Instrument calibration Instrument calibration Instrument testing Instrument measurement External calibration of instruments The calibration and testing center has calibration laboratories for mechanics, length, geometry, weighing instrument, optics, electromagnetism, radio room, thermal engineering, etc This calibration center can calibrate the instruments of all countries in the above categories and issue legal calibration certificates/reports that meet the requirements of ISO, UL, 3C, CQC, CE and customer factory inspection and audit in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment Our company will provide our customers with reasonable price, high quality and high quality testing technology Welcome to call Negotiation! Hzstyqjc Dongguan Shitong instrument detects hzstyqjc

milk drunk bamboo gas production. On the plate of luhongguan leech, there are 8 seedlings, and the apple blue stain is a closed spore free crucible. It can be reported that the tested samples can detect colorectal cancer^ 5. The golden yellow two chrysanthemum HUNER's rice field 5 ^ 1 was sown as a step, and the samples 5 * 1 ^ were added to the 50 × 5 × 5 minced pork pond culture medium. Allow root division 9351 ± 2*0 to cultivate 24 divination i1! 1: take it from the crucible? 2. Inoculate Qiong ^ scribe and pull out seeds on xueqiong callus medium, and culture 351 ± 21 for 24 Bu? Dip, blood agar plate - the dagger should be free to fall, with golden seedling color and large broken protrusions

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wood standards are mainly taken by: 3 Xue Kui yongsong, Chen Yang, Yu Huaji. Qiu Wenlun, Li Shi. This standard is issued for the first time. This standard covers the scope of toilet paper (including toilet paper base paper) 1. This standard specifies the classification, requirements, sampling, trial hiding methods and cup 1 packaging, transportation and storage of toilet paper.

the South China Laboratory of WorldCom instrument measurement, testing and calibration center is recognized by the accreditation Society (accreditation No. l3170), the laboratory mutual recognition Organization (ILAC MRA), A calibration organization with third-party authoritative certification that has passed ISO17025 measurement standards CNAs certified and trained trusted third party impartial calibration laboratory The company adheres to the concept and policy of "science, justice, accuracy and"

microscopic examination conforms to the above conditions, The following test rounds should be carried out: 16.1.1 chain excitation test - absorb single conversion i-pulp 0 "- if human 0.8 fire carries physiology from water evenly - add economic inspection - meat and culvert - crop 0.5 'buckle 0.258 calcium paperboard bath solution 0.250 mountain evenly -1835^0 ± 21 water bath' 2111 to be done once "A wave of 10 Nei town report" continues to observe and remember that when the 11 pulp coagulates, it will not melt in 26.

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the swab test of trifoliate orange juice should be no less than 1 seal 1) when the long-term test is completed. The test results are taken for the complex number. If there is a religion after the single digit, the dust degree of 1.^6.8 should be measured according to 01 ^ D 迮 54 ^ it is found that the upper surface layer is only tested in multiple layers.If it faces outward, the test result of each sample shall not be less than 0.5 × 6.9 Water content is determined by 011/7*162 phase 6.10 microbial truss standard shall be determined according to the record^ 11 partial material shall be measured according to (factory "1.]. 6^12 size trend, ball width, sheet number, juice grate of pomelo: take 3 samples from 4 samples for measurement. The number of moisturizing juice from dading-2 (1). It is less than 4 milk to talk about the abundant and transparent juice (there is a fiber connection between the streams. 1 is not counted. 1: the total test volume of the lower garment sample should not be less than 0.5 claws.

China's legal metrological technical institutions include two kinds:

legal metrological technical institutions are mainly responsible for establishing and maintaining social public metrological standards, carrying out value transmission, Metrological Inspection/calibration, and studying and establishing social public metrological standards, carrying out value transmission, implementing compulsory verification and other inspections specified by laws and regulations/School tasks; Independently sign inspection/calibration service contracts with customers to carry out inspection/calibration, measurement technology consulting and other services; Draft calibration technical specifications, undertake the assessment (review) of measurement standards and the training of measurement verification personnel issued by the superior; It is the responsibility of providing technical guarantee for the subordinate quality and Technical Supervision Bureau to implement measurement supervision

first, the national legal metrological verification institution is established by the metrological administrative department of the people's government at or above the county level according to law

second, the metrological administrative department of the people's government at or above the county level shall authorize professional or regional metrological verification institutions as legal metrological verification institutions as needed. The national legal metrological verification institution is the main body of the legal metrological verification institution, which mainly undertakes compulsory verification and other verification and testing tasks

oral call: 1992> determination of brightness (whiteness) of paper, paperboard and pulp diffuse vertical method ((^ PCS/D 7974-2002,!! called: Determination of color of paper and paperboard (diffuse reflection method) packaging and marking paper of paper, Standard atmospheric conditions for sample processing and testing of paperboard and pulp ((^ bar/Ding 150187: Determination of tensile strength of paper and paperboard (constant speed stretching method Ding 12914-1991). Determination of opacity (paper backing) of claw paper and paperboard (diffuse reflection method) (^/Ding paper and paperboard roughness determination method (Bentsen roughness method) 03/72679.9 paper and paperboard roughness determination method (printing surface method)^( (D 26719-1993 called ^:0^2828^1 sampling inspection procedures by attributes Part 1: sampling plans for batch inspection indexed by acceptance quality limit (VIII)( (^/D 2828^1 -:/D] 3 product classification 3.1 paper is divided into three grades: excellent, first-class and qualified.

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Shanghai Plastic Company monitoring instrument detection

1 digital multimeter 31 DC bridge 61 analog oscilloscope 91 radio synthesizer

2 ammeter 32 electronic load 62 Oscilloscope Calibrator 92 TV field intensity level detector

3 voltmeter 33 high voltage electrostatic voltmeter 63 modulation meter 93 Digital communication synthesizer

4 power meter 34 AC/DC high voltage meter 64 modulation analyzer 94 electronic code meter

5 ohmmeter 35 data 65 distortion meter 95 mechanical code meter

6 multi function calibrator 36 AC bridge 66 shaker 96 light, color and electricity comprehensive analysis

7 DC regulated power supply 37 clamp ammeter 67 audio analyzer 97 Bluetooth instrument

8 AC regulated power supply (variable frequency power supply) 38 DC potentiometer 68 spectrum analyzer 98 EMI measurement receiver

9 DC resistance box 39 high voltage paint film continuity tester 69 low frequency generator 99 RF voltmeter

10 ground continuity resistance tester 40 enameled wire voltage tester 70 audio (sweep frequency) Generator 100 digital oscilloscope

11 insulation resistance measuring instrument 41 insulation continuity instrument 71 function generator 101 table

12 high insulation resistance measurement oil delivery valve can be opened when raising the test bench larger instrument 42 loop resistance instrument 72 high frequency generator 102 high voltage characteristic instrument

13 electronic insulation resistance meter 43 transformer electricity meter 73 counter 103 zinc oxide arrester ammeter

14 DC leakage current meter 44 element automatic analyzer 7 4 meters 104 dielectric loss meter

15 AC leakage current meter 45 interlayer short circuit meter 75 audio impedance meter 105 Tesla meter

16 voltage withstand meter 46 high voltage copper exposure meter 76 electronic calibrator 106 current transformer

17 wire machine 47 voltage drop meter 77 variable attenuator 107 voltage transformer

18 transistor characteristic grapher 48 high current load tester 78 telephone instrument 108 power frequency single-phase meter

19 digital power Meter 49 electric control load cabinet stk-80a 79 turn ratio meter 109 performance analyzer

20 LCR meter 50 power supply load cabinet 80 color TV generator 110 relay protection instrument

21 inductance meter 51 battery 81 noise generator 111 * DC low resistance meter

22 capacitance meter 52 charged winding temperature rise meter 82 F0 meter 112 battery internal resistance meter

23 capacitor (box) 53 clamp type grounding resistance meter 83 oscillograph 113 grounding resistance meter

24 inductor (box) 54 transistor 10. Displacement measurement accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; DC and low-frequency parameter meter 84 coil number measuring instrument 114 digital AC parameter meter

25 spark machine 55 leakage trace tester 85 electret microphone meter 115 wire winding temperature rise meter

26 plug wire synthesizer 56 voltage ratio meter 86 audio generator 116 non electrostatic voltage measuring instrument

27 safety regulation synthesizer 57 electrical surge generator 87 network analyzer 117 electroacoustic instrument

28 antistatic wrist strap antistatic shoes 58 electrostatic Discharge generator 88 RF impedance/material analyzer 118 telephone analyzer

29 surface resistance meter 59 low frequency electronic voltmeter 89 pulse generator 119 arbitrary wave generator

30cdma digital communication synthesizer 60 oscilloscope VOLTAGE 90 electric fast transient pulse generator

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