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The price of monocrystalline silicon is high and the demand is weak. Some battery factories switched to polycrystalline

the spot price has increased since last week: the dollar quotation of polycrystalline diamond wire cut silicon chip, the dollar and RMB quotation of monocrystalline silicon chip 180m, and the RMB quotation of monocrystalline perc battery chip. See the yellow column below for details

pv InfoLink spot price information, the RMB price is the quotation of domestic demand in China, while the price shown in US dollars is the overseas price in non Chinese regions, and the non RMB is directly converted into US dollars when the samples are combined. New products and technologies are also emerging one after another. The spot price of pvinfolink mainly refers to the information of more than 100 manufacturers. It mainly takes the "mode" data of the most frequently traded transactions in the market as the average price (not the weighted average), but it is slightly adjusted weekly according to the market

on November 13, the USITC had to submit a report on the "201" case to the president of the United States. However, as no new information was released publicly, the market trend this week continued the supply and demand situation of last week

after the sharp price reduction of monocrystalline silicon chips at the end of last month, the demand for monocrystalline products has not recovered for the time being, and the declining demand continues, and the price continues to decline. On the contrary, the popularity of polycrystalline products has supported the price of polycrystalline silicon chips. As the timing gradually enters late November, the overall supply chain is looking forward to whether there will be another price war for monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon chips next month

silicon materials

in December, a large proportion of silicon materials have been traded, and the price of silicon materials continues to be high-end, stable at RMB per kilogram, while that of overseas silicon materials is at RMB per kilogram 3 dollars capped

it is expected that the demand will start to weaken in the middle and late December, which will drive the decline of silicon materials. It may be difficult to fall below RMB 135 per kilogram before the end of the year, and a significant decline will not occur until next month

silicon wafer

as most of the silicon wafer transactions have been completed before this month, the price has not changed this week: the price of domestic polysilicon wafer has remained stable at 4.75 yuan per piece of diamond line polysilicon wafer. People's flame retardant PP has a wide range of utilization currencies in Electromechanical, skeleton coil and other fields, and 0 About 65 dollars. The price of mortar silicon wafer also remained stable at 5.05 yuan per piece and 0.685 US dollars per piece overseas. Monocrystalline silicon maintains 180? M each piece 5 7 yuan, 0 for each piece overseas 76 dollars

at present, polycrystalline diamond wire and sand wire cut silicon wafers are all in demand, and the market is also waiting to see whether the quotation of polycrystalline silicon wafers can release a "sensible decline" next month. However, for the sake of the direction of product demand in the first half of next year, not only the price of polycrystalline silicon wafers may fall to maintain cost performance, but also the price of monocrystalline silicon wafers will actively benchmark with polycrystalline diamond wire silicon wafers, and the price of monocrystalline silicon wafers will also be actively benchmarked with that of polycrystalline diamond wire silicon WAF The pricing strategy of leading polysilicon factories will undoubtedly affect the market direction in the first half of next year

battery chips

the demand and price of polycrystalline battery chips in the mainland and Taiwan are stable. The price of domestic battery chips is stable at 1.75 yuan per watt, and the price of Taiwan battery chips is stable at 0 225 US dollars, still maintaining the situation that the price of Taiwan's battery is slightly lower than that of large push button Lu battery. In the third place, the price of battery chips fell slightly, and the current price fell to 0 per watt About 24 dollars

after the domestic single-crystal and polycrystalline batteries were priced at the same price, the single-crystal battery orders returned slightly. However, there is still no demand for single crystal perc batteries with a large price difference from conventional battery chips. Although the perc battery chips in the mainland are stable at 2 yuan per watt this week, there are not many new orders. Due to the sales pressure in Taiwan, the price is from 0 per watt last week US $28 fell to 0 per watt this week 275 dollars

at present, the battery chip manufacturers on both sides of the Strait have begun to adjust their product strategies for next month. Some single crystal perc production lines of manufacturers will reduce the operating rate or switch back to conventional single crystal. However, this will further squeeze the conventional single crystal products that have little demand, so that some conventional single crystal battery chip manufacturers have to switch back to polycrystalline or shut down some production lines in the case of low prices. Obviously, the overall output of single crystal cells in December will be slightly lower than that in November, while the operating rate of cells in Taiwan may be slightly lower in December


as the United States 201 has not released more information, there has been no major change in components this week, and the first-line major manufacturers at home and abroad are generally able to fill orders until the end of December. However, with India's anti-dumping and anti-dumping forces still in the investigation stage recently, the demand for the first quarter of next year is still on the sidelines. However, it can be predicted that from the end of December, the prices of various products may fall further as the demand of Europe and the United States stalls and India is pending

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