The hottest month in February increased by 100, an

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In February, the growth rate was 100%, the "epidemic" trend in Shanhe Europe was moving forward

the growth rate in February was 100%, the "epidemic" trend in Shanhe Europe was moving forward

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on March 2, an exciting good news came from Europe: the sales revenue of Shanhe watch 1 size deviation and appearance intelligence in the European market, With an increase of 40% in January, the "epidemic" trend moved forward in February, with an increase of 100%

under the severe situation that the COVID-19 continues to spread, especially when some countries begin to strictly control the entry of Chinese people, Shanhe intelligent overseas market can get this satisfactory report card, which is inseparable from the company's overall layout and scientific prevention and control measures

on January 29, the fifth day of the first lunar month, in the thick atmosphere of family reunion, the salesperson of Shanhe intelligent international marketing received a message, in which the company called on overseas employees to return to their posts in advance. Soon, under the arrangement of the temporary working group urgently established by the company, the tickets of the employees stationed abroad were changed, and the employees stationed abroad quickly arrived at their posts, thus quickly seizing the market opportunity under this background

in fact, long before returning to their posts, the international marketing management department has sent emails to customers all over the world to inform them of the real situation in China, including the strong measures that the Chinese government has been taking and the remarkable results achieved, so as to eliminate their concerns about the company's resumption of work after the year, order delivery and other business aspects, strengthen the letter of continuous cooperation, and pass the axis center of swing 102

Shanhe intelligent international marketing and marketing department also worked together to translate and produce videos that reflect the real life of people after the closure of Wuhan City, and uploaded them to foreign video stations, so that all parts of the world can see the determination and action of the Chinese people to fight the "epidemic" in unity; After the resumption of work, Shanhe intelligent sent the company's hot production pictures in a volume to customers all over the world to show them the orderly resumption of work of Shanhe intelligent and dispel the doubts of international customers

work together to fight the epidemic, prevent and control scientifically, and move forward with great strides! In the adverse situation of the epidemic, the majority of people in Shanhe have fought a beautiful battle with strong cohesion and execution! The "lighthouse plan" in the Thai market has been smoothly promoted, continuously winning benchmark customers, and participating in a number of local key projects; Dubai market delivered 10.4 million goods at one time, forming a strong demonstration effect in surrounding countries; The new development agent in the Israeli market orders 5 rotary drilling rigs at one time; The new development agents in the German market signed a contract to dig nearly 100 units at a time...

"no winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come". When the epidemic disappears and the peak season comes, Shanhe intelligence, which has been fighting repeatedly in the overseas market, will write a wonderful chapter in the book. Let's wait and see

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