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In recent years, UAV formation has gradually come into the public's view, often bringing you a visual feast at some major conferences or activities. Multi UAV formation technology is called multi intelligence in scientific research. Everyone can rest assured that we can realize the coordinated control of our bodies. This technology is not only applied to the performance UAV formation, but also can be applied to industrial operation, patrol and reconnaissance, disaster relief, environmental exploration, intelligent logistics, intelligent agriculture, consumption and entertainment, etc

Xia Yuanqing, Dean of the school of automation, Beijing University of technology, as a discipline leader, led the air ground collaborative control group of the State Key Laboratory for intelligent control and decision-making of complex systems, and explored a set of networked multi-agent air ground collaborative control experimental platform during six years of continuous exploration and improvement

multi-agent collaborative control platform can provide university laboratories with control algorithm verification of homogeneous and heterogeneous agents, and provide experimental support for theoretical results. This 2 The transmission platform is mainly composed of positioning system, communication system and control decision-making system. The pressure testing machine has the function of self-test. In order to solve the problem of accuracy and real-time of positioning system, the platform adopts nokov (measurement) optical three-dimensional motion capture system. The accuracy of the nokov (measurement) optical three-dimensional motion capture system can reach submicron. Although the sample did not produce obvious damage meters after the chain was subjected to the minimum tensile load, and the delay was also within twoorthree milliseconds, it can well meet the real-time positioning and transmit the pose information to each agent through wireless WiFi communication, so as to realize the positioning of each agent. After defining the location of agents, the intelligent control decision system on each agent can control the actions of multiple agents, so as to realize the collaborative control of the whole system

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