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50.9%! In June, the PMI index showed that the production power of enterprises increased

according to the National Bureau of statistics, in June, the purchasing manager of China's manufacturing industry pointed to 3 The number of cooperation with Jilin plant protection station (PMI) was 50.9%, up 0.3 percentage points from the previous month. Zhao Qinghe, Senior Statistician of the service industry survey center of the National Bureau of statistics, interpreted the data

Zhao Qinghe said that China's overall economic recovery continued to improve. The purchasing managers' index of the manufacturing industry rebounded slightly. Among the 21 industries surveyed, the PMI of 14 industries was higher than the critical point, an increase of 5 over the previous month. The manufacturing industry recovered steadily and the fundamentals continued to improve

mainly shows the following characteristics: the supply and demand sides continue to warm up. The production index and new order index were 53.9% and 51.4% respectively, up 0.7 and 0.5 percentage points from the previous month, of which the new order index rebounded for two consecutive months. From the perspective of the industry, the manufacturing industries such as medicine, nonferrous metals, general equipment, electrical machinery and equipment have newly ordered that the hydraulic universal testing machine with low working pressure can adopt high-strength cast iron to make oil cylinders; The single index and production index of hydraulic universal testing machine with high working pressure are significantly higher than that of last month, the market demand has been improved, and the production power of enterprises has been enhanced

due to the high strength and light weight of PAN based carbon fiber composites, the price index has increased. The purchase price index and ex factory price index of main raw materials were 56.8% and 52.4% respectively, up 5.2 and 3.7 percentage points from the previous month, both of which were the highs of the year. In terms of industry conditions, the two price indexes of upstream industries such as oil processing, steel and nonferrous metals were higher than last month, rising to a high of more than 60.0%

import and export indexes have improved. With the restart of the world's major economies, China's manufacturing import and export index rebounded at a low level this month, of which the new export order index was 42.6%, 7.3 percentage points higher than that of the previous month, and 7 manufacturing industries, such as papermaking and printing, petroleum processing, general equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment, rebounded by more than 10.0 percentage points; The import index was 47.0%, up 1.7 percentage points from the previous month, and six manufacturing industries, including petroleum processing, chemical raw material products, chemical fiber and rubber plastics, and automobiles, were above the critical point

enterprise confidence is basically stable. Although the expected index of production and operation activities fell slightly, it still reached 57.5%, indicating that manufacturing enterprises are optimistic about the recent market recovery. From the perspective of the industry, the expected index of production and operation activities of petroleum processing, automobile, special equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment and other manufacturing industries was higher than 60.0% for two consecutive months

although the PMI index rebounded this month and the manufacturing industry recovered steadily, it should also be noted that uncertainties still exist. Zhao Qinghe reminded that first, although the import and export index has improved for two consecutive months, it is still below the critical point. At present, the overseas epidemic has not been effectively controlled, and there are still changes in the external market. At present, few people use pendulum tensile testing machines in the market The main reason is that the accuracy can not meet the current standard requirements. Second, the recovery pressure of some industries is still large, and the PMI of textile, textile, clothing, clothing, wood processing and other manufacturing industries continues to be below the critical point. Third, small enterprises have great difficulties in production and operation, with a PMI of 48.9%, down 1.9 percentage points from the previous month, and the proportion of small enterprises reflecting insufficient orders is higher than that of large and medium-sized enterprises

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