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Thermoforming packaging technology (Part 2)

IV. selection of blister packaging machine

blister packaging can be divided into many types according to the degree of automation, molding methods, sealing methods, etc. Therefore, in order to select the appropriate model, we must first understand the main working equipment of blister packaging machine. UTM experimental machine includes one or more adhesives constituting new composite materials, and the difference between vertical bearing columns and their adaptability to the process

1. Select the heating part

the heating part is to use a certain heating device to heat the plastic film to achieve the hot melt softening state required for molding processing. According to different heat sources, the commonly used heating methods include hot air flow heating and thermal radiation heating. Hot gas flow heating system uses high-temperature hot gas flow to directly spray onto the surface of the heated material, which is inefficient and uneven; Thermal radiation heating uses the radiant heat generated by the heater to heat materials. Its radiant energy comes from the electromagnetic wave of the infrared line of the spectrum. Plastic materials have a strong absorption of some far-infrared wavelengths, and the heating efficiency is high. Therefore, far-infrared heating devices are mostly used in thermoforming packaging machines. If divided according to the way of contact between the heater and the material, the heating part has two ways: direct heating and indirect heating. Direct heating is to heat the sheet by contacting the heater. The heating speed is fast, but uneven, which is only suitable for heating thinner materials; Indirect heating uses radiant heat, which is heated close to the sheet. The heating is thorough and uniform, but the speed is slow, which is suitable for thick and thin materials

2. Selection of forming part

the forming part can be divided into two methods: compression molding and suction molding. In terms of the technology of the utilization range of the experimental machine. Compression molding is to use compressed air or mechanical means to press the softened sheet to the mold for molding. It adopts flat plate type, which is generally intermittent transmission, and can also be used for continuous transmission. The molding quality is good, and it can adapt to the cavities of deep and shallow blisters; Blister molding is negative pressure molding, which uses vacuum to make the softened sheet cling to the mold and form. It is mostly used for roller type continuous transmission. Due to the limited suction generated by vacuum and the limited angle of the blister from the drum after molding, it is only suitable for shallow blisters, said he huaiqin, chairman of Henan Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. and thinner materials

3. Select the sealing part

the sealing part has two types: flat type and roller type, and the flat type is mostly used for intermittent transmission; Roller type is mostly used for continuous transmission

4. Selection of the degree of automation of machinery

according to the degree of automation, there are three types of fully automated production lines: semi automated and automated single machine

(1) semi automatic packaging machine -- mostly horizontal intermittent operation, manual filling, low productivity, used for packaging single pieces, particles and other goods. Changing varieties, changing molds quickly, suitable for multi variety and small batch production

(2) automatic single machine -- also horizontal, intermittent and continuous operation, medium productivity, and certain versatility. It is not only suitable for a variety of small batch production, but also suitable for medium batch production of a single variety

(3) automatic packaging production line -- there are two kinds of horizontal and vertical, mainly focusing on the special packaging of drugs (tablets, capsules, suppositories, etc.). It is called PTP (press through pack) packaging in foreign countries, and it is translated as press through packaging in China. PTP adopts multi row structure with high productivity, which can range from 1000 pieces/min to 5000 pieces/min, and the latest model can reach 9000 pieces/min. PTP packaging quality is good, with detection devices and waste removal machinery, and can be printed, distributed, folded, use instructions and cartons are connected to the production line. PTP is a representative packaging line with complete functions for drug packaging

the figure shows the schematic diagram of a continuous drum type PTP automatic packaging production line. This production line adopts indirect heating, roller forming, roller heat sealing and continuous transmission

the figure shows the schematic diagram of an intermittent flat type PTP automatic packaging production line. This production line adopts indirect heating, plate forming, roller heat sealing and intermittent transmission

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