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At the foot of a mountain in Jiefang village, Nanfen District, a new project with an investment of 100 million yuan will be built this year. That mountain is a silica mountain. That new project is Tianhui mining, which processes silica. Nanfen District has introduced this project by taking advantage of its unique resource advantages. The project was started in the same year, and the first phase of the project can be put into operation in the first half of the year

a few days ago, the responsible comrades of Nanfen District Economic and Information Bureau led the interview there, just in time for the mine blasting and mining. After a loud noise, large trucks soon transported the ore down the mountain. The mine manager said that the silicon ore here is rich in reserves, up to 1.5 million tons, and the grade is as high as 99.9%. It is a superior raw material for processing glass products. Benxi Yujing Glass Co., Ltd., which has put into operation a production line in Gaoguan town of Benxi Manchu Autonomous County, now has a daily output of 500 tons of glass products, and will eventually complete and put into operation six production lines. In addition, the daily output will rise to 1600 tons, which requires sufficient silicon ore to ensure production. Therefore, Yujing Glass Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of this project

The total investment of Tianhui mining project is 100million yuan. The investment of 50million yuan in 2013 should take into account not only China's environment, but also the impact of the world's environment and other technological innovation and industrial changes. New mines, production workshops, storage facilities, water supply and drainage treatment systems and office areas should be built, and 4 groups of 8 large-scale silicon ore powder production lines should be purchased and installed. According to the mine manager, after the silicon ore is mined from the mountain, it must first be roughly crushed by the jaw crusher, and then finely crushed by the cone crusher. Only then can it enter the rod mill and be ground into powder. Finally, after magnetic separation, a small amount of iron in the mineral powder can be selected, and then it can be sent to Yujing glass company as raw material to produce various glass products. In the newly completed plant under the mine, we can see that four groups of eight large-scale silica powder production lines have been installed, and the final equipment commissioning is being done, and the formal production is imminent

in March next year, the second phase of the project will start construction, and further build this project into a leading domestic automatic production line. After all the projects are put into production, the annual output of high-quality sandstone will be 700000 tons, and the annual output value will be 70million yuan. 1. There is oil stain, wear or burr on the toothed rod and gear: the oil stain and burr tax on the toothed rod and gear will be removed by 7million yuan. At that time, it will become a leading enterprise in mining and processing silica ore in Northeast China. Zhonghua glass () Department

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