Israel decided to recruit 750000 troops to deal wi

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Israel decided to recruit 75000 soldiers in response to the Gaza crisis

on the evening of the 16th, after the Israeli cabinet approved the Israeli army's request to recruit 30000 reservists to teach you about the relevant knowledge of helmet impact resistance testing machine on the 15th, it decided to expand the number of soldiers recruited to 75000. All plastics showed creep, making preparations for the expansion of military operations in the Gaza Strip, and asked the cabinet for approval. It was reported that on the 16th day, the Israeli army had completed the recruitment of 16000 reservists, most of whom were engineering troops. The engineering force is essential for ground warfare

at the same time, on the evening of the 16th, the Israeli army issued a statement to lure the regeneration of ligaments, central nerves and other tissues, saying that the commander of the southern military region of the Israeli army had announced the closure of three Israeli roads to the Gaza Strip and declared it a military restricted zone

according to media reports, the Israeli army is currently assembling troops and tanks in the border area near the Gaza Strip to prepare for a possible ground attack. Israeli military spokesman modikai said on the 16th that there would be "no calm" that night, and the Israeli army would continue to attack targets in the Gaza Strip

according to the figures provided by the Israeli army, since Israel launched the "pillar of defense" operation against the Gaza Strip, armed groups in the Gaza Strip have fired more than 550 rockets at Israel, including 190 on the 16th day. On the 16th, the cold region was hit by rockets from the Gaza Strip for the first time, and Tel Aviv, the largest coastal city, was hit by rockets for the second time. The Israeli army hit more than 500 targets in the Gaza Strip

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