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Is there radiation on the high-voltage line? Instrument to detect

recently, the help post posted by "lfbutterfly" on a forum has attracted public attention. She moved into her new house, but found that there were high-voltage cables outside the community. She and her husband are worried about the electromagnetic radiation

in fact, many residential areas in Jiangmen are surrounded by high-voltage wires. For example, in shijihuayuan community located on the side of fengle Road, high-voltage cables bypass the South and west of the community, and high-voltage cables can also be seen passing by the community near Binjiang New Area, high-tech zone, etc

for the concern of "lfbutterfly", several owners of Century Flower Source felt that it had no impact. Mr. Zhang, the owner, said that he had also paid attention to this problem before. The transmission frequency of high-voltage cables was only 50 Hz, and there were only a few cables. The electromagnetic radiation was smaller than that of radio and television transmission towers and signal stations. Therefore, he felt that scientists were trying to use this kind of multifunctional materials to create new technological effects in some innovative ways, and his son also bought a house in the community

according to the staff of the radiation Department of Jiangmen Environmental Protection Bureau, facilities such as ultra-high voltage power transmission and substations can pass the environmental impact assessment only if they meet relevant national standards. If there is a residential area first, when designing the wire corridor, the high-voltage wire will certainly reserve enough distance from the nearby residential area to ensure safety. If there are high-voltage lines first, and then residential areas, we should pay attention to whether developers build houses too close to high-voltage lines for the sake of interests

however, due to the different wire materials and wiring methods used, the specific distance from the stabilizer bar fatigue testing machine is mainly used for the fatigue mechanics and performance tests of various automotive parts, such as various shock absorbers, stabilizer bars, axles, brackets, etc., and damping pieces. How many meters away is it from the standard? It needs to be monitored through professional instruments, metal tensile and non-metal tensile tests. The staff said that if property buyers feel that there is a need, they can entrust monitoring, and they can also choose those units far away from the high-voltage line

it is learned that some communities, such as country garden, will inform buyers of similar situations in writing before signing the subscription form, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future

the staff of the Environmental Protection Bureau said that electromagnetic radiation has always existed in nature, so don't worry too much, and don't worry too much if it meets the relevant national technical standards

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