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Equiinet: is your light still on

our life is always troubled by various problems, and we constantly try to find solutions. However, do we really know how to solve the problem correctly? Are we solving the problem or creating another new problem

for example, the elevator in an office building is very slow, which has attracted many customers' complaints. In order to quickly solve customers' complaints, the company appointed an administrator to solve this problem. The administrator believes that to solve customers' complaints, it is necessary to shorten the waiting time of customers. He put a mirror at the elevator on each floor. As a result, every customer waiting for the elevator looked in the mirror when they came. Time flashed by, and the complaints and complaints immediately fell. The boss thought the administrator was very smart and immediately gave him a raise. But soon after the mirror was put on, some people began to doodle on it, and others began to complain. Later, the administrator put crayons next to the mirror. When people were waiting for the elevator, they could pick up crayons and draw what they liked. Complaints suddenly became less. But not long after it reached the limit position on the right hand side of the instrument, the complaint began to rise again. Because graffiti has seriously affected the lives of some neat people. Then came the annual elevator overhaul time. The maintenance personnel found that the relay in the main control box was bitten by a mouse. After the repair, the elevator speed immediately increased

therefore, it is not difficult to see from this story that the symptom of the problem is: customer complaints, which need to be reduced immediately. As a result, my brother used a creative method. The essence of the problem is that there is a problem with the internal parts of the elevator, which needs to be fundamentally solved

I always think I'm a little expert in solving problems, but when I read the book [is your light still on]

I found that I can only deal with problems at most, and didn't master the core method of solving problems. We thought we solved the problem, but in fact we created a problem that didn't exist. The correct way to solve the problem is to define the problem first. It must not be the best strategy to react and solve problems immediately

for example, we once received a customer's complaint that the equipment did not work, and asked us to send someone to the site immediately (it was 9:10 a.m. on Monday). The customer is in Yizhuang, Beijing. It takes four hours for the engineer to go back and forth. It is not the best solution to rush forward without knowing what the customer's problem is. Moreover, our equipment is usually very stable, and sudden failure rarely occurs. Moreover, in the IP era, if everything needs to be solved on site, what is the significance of IP devices? So we must make clear the problem first. Our engineer asked the customer to take a picture of the scene to see the network connection of the equipment. After receiving the drawing, the engineer found that the road in front of equiinet equipment publicized the development achievements of major technical equipment through multiple channels, and the lights of sewage treatment and pipeline system were not on. Ask the customer if they have plugged in the power supply? He answered yes. While the engineer was checking various possibilities, the customer called and said: I'm very sorry, the power supply of the router was plugged into another plug-in board, and I didn't see it just now. When the customer service girl came off work on Friday, she conveniently cut off the power to the plug-in board. The router happened to be on this plug-in board with Jinan gold assay micro Vickers hardness tester for metal material research and hardness measurement of non-metallic materials. The front-end equipment is out of power, which makes it impossible to transmit to equiinet equipment, resulting in customer complaints (because the system is installed by us). Fortunately, we passed the troubleshooting in time, and first defined the problem, rather than immediately going to the customer's site. It took us a very short time to help the customer restore the normal operation of the equipment

if our engineers do not clearly define the problem at the beginning, it will cause us to waste a lot of time in the wrong direction. And time is a very valuable resource, single irreversible

therefore, define the problem first rather than solve it immediately

find the right person to solve the problem

as the head of a technology company, when I started my business, I often fell into a deadlock. I will spend a lot of time discussing with technical engineers how to solve customers' technical problems. This is actually very wrong. It not only wastes the precious time of the enterprise, but also makes me unable to complete other more important things. Later, we found a new way: when we encounter difficult problems of customers, we leave them to technology to solve. If we can't solve them, we can consult the surrounding people first, and then consult the British senior engineer. They are network experts and low-level code developers, and they are very experienced. Difficult and miscellaneous diseases have become a small dish in front of them. After the problem was solved, the Chinese engineer made a reply to the problem, wrote a technical report, uploaded it to the internal bulletin board, and shared it with other engineers in China

now, I basically don't have to worry about the technical problems of customers, because our engineers have grown up and become very capable and experienced

as a boss who does everything himself, have you ever encountered the embarrassment of the boss doing the manager's job, the manager doing the employee's job, and the employee discussing national affairs

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