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Are your cans in bags

in the food industry, Baoding heshanlong Food Co., Ltd. used the packaging form of soft packaging self-supporting bag to package canned food for the first time, which effectively improved the packaging grade and enhanced the market competitiveness with the advantages of easy opening and convenient carrying

in the eyes of many consumers, cans are associated with glass bottles, cans and other packaging forms. In addition to delicious food, they also think of inconveniences such as heavy weight when they are brought home from the store and difficult to open when they return home

however, these problems were solved with the birth of "raw fruit (soft packed fruit pulp)". The "raw fruit" cans produced by Baoding heshanlong Food Co., Ltd. have changed the traditional packaging forms such as glass bottles and iron cans, and adopted transparent self-supporting bags to replace ITO and metal transparent conductive films as the outer packaging of products. This kind of packaging is light and convenient for eating products, which is popular with consumers

compared with traditional glass bottles and other packaging, this packaging has obvious advantages

first of all, the traditional glass bottle is very heavy, and the packaging weight accounts for about 40% - 50% of the total product weight, while the plastic bag packaging weight is very light, and the packaging weight only accounts for 3% - 5% of the total weight. Thus, the consumption in the transportation process is reduced, and it is also convenient for consumers to buy and eat

secondly, this kind of packaging is "visible and touchable", and the pulp particles are the same size as those seen. Some glass bottle packaging makes the pulp particles of the product look larger than the actual ones because the glass acts as a lens to a certain extent. If the microcomputer has strong functions, it can print directly. This kind of packaging is more calm to face consumers, so it is deeply loved by consumers in tensile experiments

again, this form of packaging has greatly improved the level of packaging. The price is higher than that of glass bottles and iron cans of the same capacity

the person in charge of the company insisted on strict control over the suppliers of packaging materials and packaging equipment. The person in charge said that this kind of packaging must have broader development space in the future

source: packaging machinery

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