It has become a common goal for mold enterprises t

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Going out and expanding domestic and export markets have become the consensus of mold enterprises

this machine tool accessories company has participated in the Qingdao Exhibition for the third year. The person in charge of the company said that the cooperation intention and transaction volume have increased significantly from less to more each session

machine tool accessories "Yu Miao, general manager of Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, hopes Wang Dongfei, general manager of the company:" it can be said that every year is stronger than before, in terms of number, scale and scale of model association group. "

this hardware mold company also participated in the exhibition for three consecutive years. It is reported that the Qingdao exhibition made domestic and foreign buyers know Chang'an mold and their own mold products

to wuqingsheng, the manager of a specific system hardware mold company, "of course, it's better to 'go out', at least let more people know about our hardware mold manufacturing industry in Chang'an."

due to the good exhibition effect, Qingdao exhibition attracted more and more Chang'an mold enterprises to sign up for the exhibition. In 2009, Dongguan Hardware and machinery mold industry association contracted 60 booths, with a total of 33 enterprises participating; 20 electro hydraulic servo hydraulic system (2) dig a hole downward at the installation position of the hydraulic universal testing machine, which is the power source of the whole machine. It has contracted 70 booths for 10 years, with a total of 36 enterprises participating; This year, 86 booths were contracted, with a total of 50 enterprises participating. In recent years, Dongguan Hardware Machinery Mold Industry Association often organizes enterprises to participate in large-scale professional exhibitions at home and abroad, accumulating rich exchange and cooperation experience for mold enterprises, expanding the market, enhancing the radiation effect of the "Chang'an mold" brand at home and abroad, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the mold industry

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