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The sales decline of Chinese textile machinery enterprises has become a common phenomenon

at present, the sales decline of textile machinery enterprises in varying degrees has become a common phenomenon. Among them, the difficulty of high energy consumption in the production of poly amino acids has been solved. In addition to the reduction of customer demand for products, it also lies in the fierce market competition among domestic textile machinery enterprises. The competitors are high-end products from abroad and many domestic enterprises producing medium and low-end products. Foreign products have obvious technical advantages, and have occupied a large share of the high-end market for a long time; The homogenization of domestic middle and low-end products is serious, and enterprises often fall into a vicious circle of low-cost competition and lose both. I interviewed an enterprise before. Although the sales volume of their company is still greatly improved this year, they have to reduce prices appropriately to adapt to the current market environment, but the final profit is not very high. Domestic enterprises are striving for quality and service. If they want to gain a foothold in the highly competitive market and develop for a long time, they must strive to find places where products are different, strengthen the differentiated competitiveness of enterprises, and give customers a reason to choose

cutting edge product performance

most domestic textile machinery enterprises currently do not fully have the ability of differentiated competition. The fundamental reason is that most domestic enterprises have limited R & D capabilities and rely more on the radiation dose resistance of PEEK electromagnetic wires to attack foreign advanced technology. Although this saves R & D investment, more than oneortwo enterprises will copy, and the short-term benefits will be obtained, which will inevitably fall into the price competition of homogeneous products again

in view of this situation, many domestic enterprises have set up special R & D centers to improve the scientific and technological content of products, such as the carding machine product R & D center and the automatic winder product R & D center of Qingdao Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd; Ring spinning frame product R & D center and cotton comber product R & D center of Yuci branch of Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd; Shanghai Yifang Machinery Co., Ltd. cotton comber product research and development center, etc. Through the R & D center, enterprises continue to make technology more sophisticated, develop new products and technologies that meet market needs, test S-N curves and new processes, obtain more proprietary technology and intellectual property rights, and produce products with unique and excellent performance, which stand out from similar products

turn to open up the blue ocean of the market

however, it is often large enterprises that have the strength to set up special R & D institutions. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is a very beneficial method to avoid the fierce competitive environment and locate in a field with few competitors

Shijiazhuang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers of shuttleless looms in China, and has participated in the research and development process of the localization of shuttleless looms. However, when facing the fierce competition of new looms such as air jet and rapier, the enterprise has found another way, made full use of the existing technical advantages, and aimed at the potential new market of special looms

the market of special looms is small, the demand is small, large enterprises have no investment enthusiasm, and the technology of small enterprises cannot meet the requirements, which just gives Shijiazhuang textile machinery an opportunity to develop. At present, Shijiazhuang textile machinery has certain technical advantages in the field of special looms. The 16 meter wide special loom produced by the company has won a wide market for it. Shijiazhuang textile machinery also mainly produces looms for weaving industrial fabrics such as coal conveyor belts and papermaking, and has achieved good market benefits. In addition, while the company continues to improve the stability, speed and efficiency of looms, it also needs to independently develop electromagnetic heat rollers for high-speed dobby machines and large-scale drying equipment. By giving full play to its own advantages, Shijiazhuang textile machinery has found a differentiated development path suitable for itself

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