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Guangzhou introduced new regulations on real estate and stopped the sale of houses such as internal subscription

many citizens found that the "Sunshine Family" showed that the units that could still be sold were oriented towards good and other units, but the developers said that they had been sold, and only some units with relatively poor house types were opened for sale. In the future, this kind of situation will be strictly prohibited, and developers shall not refuse to sell the units that can be sold according to the "Sunshine Home margin"! Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Land and Housing Administration Bureau issued and implemented the "notice on Further Strengthening the management of the real estate market", which defined 28 market supervision measures in eight aspects, including regulating the pre-sale behavior of commercial housing, the supervision of pre-sale funds, public construction supporting facilities, transaction registration, intermediary services, real estate leasing, real estate appraisal and market supervision and inspection

it was found that in regulating the pre-sale behavior of commercial housing, Guangzhou land and Housing Administration Bureau introduced as many as 9 measures this time. In response to violations such as internal subscription, the Municipal Bureau of land, resources and housing clearly stipulates that no enterprise or individual shall collect the house price and sell the commercial housing without a pre-sale Certificate in any form, otherwise, it will be ordered to rectify within a time limit and announce the relevant situation to the public; Those who refuse to rectify or do not rectify as required will be dealt with according to law, and the violations of the enterprise or individual will be notified to the relevant competent departments, which will suspend the relevant administrative business

it is understood that due to the tightening of bank loan control, the capital chain of some developers is tightening, and there are signs of re emergence of circulating funds raised by "speculation in real estate". The notice stipulates that "speculation in real estate flowers" is strictly prohibited

the notice also made it clear that developers must clearly indicate the price list of all units on sale to property buyers at the sales site, and it is strictly prohibited to publish false prices. At the same time, the municipal land and Housing Administration Bureau requires that developers must configure computers at the sales site for buyers to consult the detailed information of the real estate, and publish the pre-sale certificate, attached drawings, commercial housing sales contracts, etc. the land and housing administration department will also publish the real estate information on the

specify the terms such as no refusal to sell

in order to clarify the annual supply in advance, developers must declare the next year's commercial housing sales plan to the land and housing administration department before November 30 of each year, and declare the project overview one month before applying for the pre-sale certificate. Any developer shall not publish commercial housing pre-sale advertisements before receiving the commercial housing pre-sale license. If it is necessary to publish other advertisements related to real estate development projects, the contents must be true. Otherwise, the relevant departments will instruct the real estate development enterprises to make corrections in the relevant media by themselves. If the developer refuses to correct, the relevant departments will publish the true situation on the relevant media

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at the same time, developers must truthfully and accurately fill in the project overview and building list when applying for the pre-sale license of commercial housing. In case of concealing the mortgage and relocation of the house, those who are applying for a pre-sale license for commercial houses up to 54000 US dollars will not be allowed according to relevant regulations; If a pre-sale license has been issued, the license will be revoked

for the sale of pre-sale commercial housing, the notice makes it clear that when applying for the pre-sale certificate, the developer should clarify the time when the real estate project plans to be sold to the public, the sales method and the proposed sale price of each unit. After obtaining the pre-sale certificate, it must be sold to the public within 10 days. The Municipal Bureau of land, resources and housing administration specially emphasized that Guangzhou housing has manufactured a saleable unit shown in the three-dimensional fiber structure housing management system ("sunshine Jiayuan"), and the developer shall not refuse to sell, otherwise he will be immediately ordered to rectify within a time limit, and those who refuse to rectify will extend the rectification period and be exposed through the media station

the public construction supporting facilities are included in the supervision for the first time.

in order to ensure the progress of the real estate project and the public construction supporting facilities, prevent the real estate from changing the planning permission at will, and as a result, the current situation behind others has changed, so as to protect the interests of the house owners, Guangzhou land and Housing Administration Bureau has included the public construction supporting facilities in the supervision for the first time. When the developer applies for the issuance of the building pre-sale certificate, it must determine the construction progress and completion delivery time of the supporting public buildings, and the approval department will investigate the construction progress of the relevant building projects on site

after receiving the pre-sale certificate, the developer must also provide the municipal land and Housing Administration Bureau with the construction progress and on-site photos of the projects under construction (including public construction supporting facilities) before the end of the last month of each quarter. The municipal land and Housing Administration Bureau will conduct on-site spot inspection once or twice a quarter in combination with the actual situation, and publish the sampling inspection results on "Sunshine Home"

moreover, after the pre-sale or sale of commercial housing, the developer shall not adjust or modify the detailed construction plan or change the planning permit at will. However, if the property schedule has been established and publicly sold on "Sunshine Home", the property schedule will not be changed

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