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The capacity of lithium-ion cathode materials has expanded rapidly. Guangzhou Humei exhibition decoration design Co., Ltd.

Humei exhibition decoration design Co., Ltd. is a professional company that focuses on the design and construction of exhibition stands and the design of commercial space, benefiting from the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection. The company has a workshop of more than 2000 square meters, has long served major exhibitions such as the Canton Fair, and has accumulated rich experience in on-site booth construction. The company has gathered a number of elites in the industry. With original design, high-quality construction, considerate service and reasonable price, it has long provided perfect services for customers at home and abroad. It has stable and high-quality partners in large and medium-sized cities and Exhibition developed areas in China, and can provide customers with timely cleaning of staff for multi regional construction services. Visual event, harmonious and beautiful! Customer satisfaction is our greatest success

service items:

☆ booth special decoration design and construction, exhibition hall, specialty store, indoor and outdoor decoration design and construction

☆ overall layout and construction of the exhibition venue, flagship store, enterprise terminal image design and production

☆ will choose suitable jaws and bushings to discuss celebration and public relations activities planning and implementation; Large scale dance venue and stage design and construction



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