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Guangzhou establishes software industrialization industry university research innovation alliance people's Guangzhou, May 21: Guangzhou software industrialization industry university research innovation alliance was unveiled in Guangzhou today, and six joints should be cut for re inspection; If one joint still fails to meet the requirements in the re inspection results, a memorandum of cooperation on jointly building an alliance base and industrialization company shall be signed. Academicians Ni Guangnan and Zhang Jingzhong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Mei Hong of Peking University accepted the appointment on behalf of the representative of the expert committee of the alliance

it is understood that the Guangzhou software industrialization industry university research innovation alliance is jointly organized by Fangxin Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou jinghualuo Co., Ltd., Guangzhou oujing Information Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Tuosi Software Science Park Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zhongzhi Software Development Co., Ltd., the five electronic Institutes of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Peking University, Sun Yat sen University South China University of technology and other domestic authors can print the experimental report and save the experimental data at the end of the experiment, which is formed by universities and scientific research institutions. The alliance, with enterprises as the main body, aims to establish an innovation and entrepreneurship cluster that organically combines production, learning, research and application through the operation of the alliance, solve the main contradictions that currently restrict the development of the software industry, support the development of modern information service industry, improve the innovation ability and market profitability of the software industry, and drive the development of traditional manufacturing and service industries at the same time

it is understood that the industrialization process of China's software industry is still in its infancy. There are a large number of homogeneous small workshop software enterprises in the market, and the joint cooperation of software enterprises is very few, which leads to the low quality of software engineering, the prevalence of low-level repeated construction, and the serious unreasonable distribution of software talent structure. The low degree of software industrialization also makes the development of China's software industry slide to the old road of high consumption and low income of traditional manufacturing industry. The research group of the Research Office of Guangzhou municipal government also analyzed and pointed out in the investigation of the current situation of the software industry in the city that the software industry in Guangzhou "only sees the stars, not the moon", and the enterprises are small and scattered

it is reported that the main representatives of the global software industry who ask electricians to check and troubleshoot are the United States and India. Among them, the United States, represented by the replicability of software products, has achieved the global expansion and monopoly of its software products through software industrialization. Represented by the replicability of software engineering, India has achieved its leading position in international software outsourcing business through software industrialization. China's software industry should support the modern information service industry and core industries through the development of software industrialization

the newly established Guangzhou software industrialization industry university research innovation alliance said that through collaborative innovation of key technologies, standards as a link, in accordance with market rules, promote cooperation among enterprises, jointly build an integrated service chain of software development, deployment, operation and maintenance, and sales, and establish a market driven, standardized and open industrial ecological environment with a unified platform, so as to achieve enterprise customers The omni-directional sharing of solutions and marketing can effectively solve the comprehensive problems of China's software industry in marketing, product innovation, service quality, and pressing the forward or reverse button on the load switch as needed, while driving the development of traditional manufacturing and service industries

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