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label printing market, which uses small labels to develop a large market, aims to allow enterprises with low production capacity, high pollution and high energy consumption to withdraw from the development of many years. New trends and changes have emerged. The demand for short edition and personalization is increasing day by day. In addition, the delivery cycle is becoming shorter and shorter. The advantages of long traditional printing cycle and fast response speed of digital printing are gradually highlighted in the field of label printing. As far as the current label printing market is concerned, label printing enterprises mostly take a wait-and-see attitude towards the application of digital printing technology, but there are some far sighted label printing enterprises that have grasped the market opportunity of label digital printing, obtained a good return on investment brought by new technology, and stood out in the increasingly fierce market competition environment

connecting with digital printing opens the door to label value-added

Meiqi Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Meiqi), founded in 1997, is such a label printing enterprise. It has experienced printing experts, advanced printing equipment, and a strong management team. While providing customers with high-quality label products, it can also give professional advice and support to help customers choose the most appropriate label printing solutions. For a long time, Meiqi has gained a good reputation in the industry with its rich experience in label production and mature production technology

as early as 2009, Meiqi had a good relationship with digital printing. At that time, Meiqi considered printing two-dimensional code and invisible code for a customer's shampoo label to improve the anti-counterfeiting level of the label and prevent fleeing goods. In order to meet the variable data requirements of customers, it is urgent to introduce a production-oriented digital printing equipment. Talking about the factors to be considered in purchasing digital printing equipment, Meiqi believes that the first thing to consider is the market application and whether the performance of the equipment can fully meet its own production needs; Secondly, the input-output ratio and use cost of equipment should be considered; In addition, the R & D ability and subsequent upgrading service ability of partners and brand market reputation are also crucial. After a market investigation, Meiqi finally focused on the ink-jet printing system of Jie Ying L series of Beijing Beida Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Founder Electronics)

Meiqi has been cooperating with Founder Electronics for six years. With the continuous progress of Founder electronic inkjet technology and the continuous upgrading of products, Meiqi has launched Jie Ying H series inkjet printing system and K series inkjet printing system. At present, Meiqi mainly applies the digital inkjet system of Founder Electronics to deal with the variable data printing of labels. As variable data is presented on more and more products' external packaging, the demand for production tasks such as Meiqi is also growing. Compared with the traditional label printing method, inkjet technology has irreplaceable advantages in this regard. It not only has high production efficiency and low cost, but also has flexible application and configuration, which can be inserted into many links of production. With the access of variable data, Meiqi provides customers with more value-added services, including anti-counterfeiting, traceability, anti channeling, and mobile marketing, which has attracted more and more attention

forge ahead firmly on the road of label digital printing

at the 2015 China International label printing technology exhibition held in March this year, Meiqi once again purchased Fangzheng jieying K300S high-speed variable data printing system, which is also the third cooperation between the two sides

Meiqi said frankly that it chose Founder Electronics again mainly because of its product quality and technical strength. The equipment of founder electronics can still maintain good stability in the case of 24-hour continuous production, which provides an effective guarantee for the uninterrupted production of Meiqi. In addition, for label printing enterprises, customers have more personalized needs, which puts forward more stringent requirements for the software used in digital printing equipment. Founder Electronics is the first enterprise to enter the field of inkjet digital printing within the initial position of Guoqing valve port, and its technology accumulation and R & D capacity in this field are far ahead. Whenever Meiqi needs personalized software development and upgrading, founder electronics can respond quickly and provide free software upgrading services

from traditional production to active exploration of digital printing, Meiqi has always been full of confidence in the development of China's label market. Although the overall environment has a downward trend, competition is more intense, and the survival of the fittest is more obvious, challenges and opportunities coexist, and intensive and large-scale will become more manifestations

short edition, digitization and personalization have become the inevitable trend of the development of the label market. Meiqi's exploration in the field of digital printing has been at the forefront of the industry. Through years of application experience, its understanding of digital printing is also gradually deepening. In order to further give full play to the advantages of the combination of traditional and digital printing, Meiqi has also established a digital printing center to realize that traditional and digital printing businesses complement each other and complement each other

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