Guangzhou launched a special rectification action

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Guangzhou launched a special rectification action on food packaging materials

it was learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision that this year the Bureau carried out a special rectification action on food packaging materials, severely cracked down on illegal production lines, and the surface friction coefficient was greatly improved, and preliminary results were achieved

by the end of May, more than 200 law enforcement officers had been dispatched to inspect more than 50 enterprises producing and using food packaging materials, investigate and deal with 2 enterprises producing foamed plastic tableware banned by the state, 5 enterprises producing without license, 1 enterprise producing beyond the scope of the license, and 1 enterprise producing food with unlicensed packaging materials. Researchers spent three years developing this kind of new composite materials, and 11 cases were filed for investigation, Two dens were destroyed and one case was handed over to the Department of industry and commerce. It was convenient to add corresponding devices to do various material mechanics experiments. 305700 straws, food packaging bottom holders, 11700 boxes of disposable foamed plastic tableware, 3200 boxes of environmental protection caps, 2300 boxes of environmental protection bowls, 300 boxes of environmental protection square boxes, 1100 boxes of PP temperature protection caps and 817000 plastic bottle caps were found, with a value of about 630000 yuan

through the summary and analysis of the special inspection of food packaging materials and the illegal production cases of food packaging materials investigated and dealt with since the "three strikes and two constructions" this year, the food packaging material production industry shows the following characteristics:

first, the awareness of quality and safety is weak, the production operation is simple, the factory inspection is not strict, and the product quality and safety cannot be effectively guaranteed

second, some production enterprises have weak inspection ability and have no inspection procedures, so they can only complete simple ex factory inspection and process inspection. For raw and auxiliary materials, they can only check the quantity and accept according to the certificate of conformity, which is difficult to achieve the requirements of checking from the source

third, the Nanjing municipal government proposed that some production enterprises have imperfect management systems, unreasonable internal division of labor, inadequate equipment maintenance, non implementation of health systems, and weak awareness of cleaner production, which are likely to lead to cross pollution in the production process

fourth, some small-scale enterprises illegally produce food packaging materials listed in the QS certification catalogue without a production license (QS certificate)

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