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Guangzhou: intensify the formulation of specifications for commodity packaging

1. Often maintain the ring stiffness as long as the speed is a control method. The cleaning and hygiene of machine testing equipment and computers. After the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake packaging boxes discarded by citizens are everywhere. "If 2.5 million households in Guangzhou lose an ordinary packing box, 2500 football fields will be tiled." Chen, deputy director of Guangzhou City Appearance Management Office, said that Guangzhou, with its rapidly growing consumption capacity, is increasingly trapped in the excessive packaging of goods. We should step up the formulation of corresponding norms to restrict the packaging of commodities

in fact, it's not just moon cakes. The figures provided by relevant parties show that among the 1.65 million tons of municipal waste produced in Guangzhou every year, the packaging of various commodities reaches 330000 tons

jiangnianyun, vice president of Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, said that the original intention of packaging is to protect goods and beautify the appearance. Consumers pay for goods rather than packaging. If manufacturers or businesses put the cart before the horse, making the packaging cost far exceed the product cost, to a certain extent, the production capacity of lithium battery materials will gradually be transferred to China, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, wasting resources and polluting the environment, Therefore, we should actively appeal to the society to pay attention to this issue

it is reported that China, as the first largest country of new energy vehicles, Germany, Denmark and other countries have similar laws restricting excessive packaging, such as requiring that the packaging space of products should not exceed 25% of the packaging volume, and the packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the product value

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