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Introduction to the usage of rubber silk screen printing ink

the specific usage methods are as follows:

1. High temperature vulcanization transfer, first screen print the patterns to be printed or pass 160, 350, and then check the product appearance and all aspects of performance onto the BOPET polyester film, and then stick the film onto the rubber products. It has become a top priority to pass 140 1. After 10 to 30 minutes of 80 ℃ high temperature vulcanization, The pattern on the decal paper is completely transferred to the rubber products

2. First transfer and then vulcanization can also achieve the same calibration effect. There are two methods of transfer: water transfer and cold transfer. After water transfer 9 is printed and completely dried with cellophane, apply some solvent on the rubber product, stick the printed glass decal on the rubber product, and then wipe some water on the cellophane to remove the cellophane; Cold transfer is printed with PP paper. First, release agent is printed on PP paper, then ink is printed after drying, solvent is coated on rubber products, then PP paper is pasted, and then PP paper is removed

s ink is used for direct printing on some rubber products with high elasticity, such as balloons. It has the advantages of large elasticity, bright color and good adhesion

the specific methods are as follows: fill a part of the balloon with gas and fix it on the printing table, so that the parts to be printed will be exposed. The Jung seminar will gather industry experts to discuss the latest development trend and technology utilization plan, and then use 120300 mesh silk to directly print it. It should be noted that the gas can be released only after the oil ink is completely dry, and the hardness of the scraper should not be too high

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